Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Quarter Report Card (Starting 5)

25 games into the season and the Warriors stand 3 games over .500 with 14 wins and 11 losses. After a decade plus of losing, we'll take 3rd place in the Pacific and a 7th seed in the playoffs. Still, something's just not right. The Warriors have had an easy schedule (aside from playing so many games so early) and have yet to beat a good team. They do have some W's against mediocre teams like the Kings and Sonics, but with a much more difficult schedule ahead there is definitely reason to worry. On to the grades for the Starting 5...

Jason Richardson
Right before the 2004-2005 season the Warriors handed Jason a very lucrative contract. As much I enjoyed watching JRich play, I thought the Warriors were investing too much in a shooting guard who would probably never make it to an All Star game. Guess what? I was wrong. I don't know if he'll make it this season, but Jason Richardson is having an All Star year.

+ He Got Game
  • 22.4 points per game, 6 rodmans, over a steal a game = ALL Star
  • DE-FENSE- Jason's defense has not only improved by leaps and bounds, he's actually a good defender now.
  • Consistency + Confidence: JRich has been the most consistent Warrior. Well, okay consistently GOOD Warrior, since Dunleavy has been consistently bad. Jason comes to play every night. He's got that look in his eyes that he's a top player in the NBA.

- Needs Work
  • It's hard to fault Jason for the dip in his passing numbers since he's expected to shoulder such a heavy part of the scoring load every night, but it would be nice to see a couple more dimes. He's a good passer.
  • Trips to the charity stripe are supposed to be gifts.

JRich's Game Keeps Rising!
Grade: A

Baron Davis
+ He Got Game
  • Almost 10 dimes a game with only 3 turnovers ain't no joke!
  • CLUTCH- Did you see that game against the Sonics? Hopefully, it's just the beginning!
  • THIEVERY- Baron's 1.8 steals per game have led to some fast breaks and easy buckets. When B Diddy locks down his man good things happen.
  • Rebounding- 4.5 rebounds a game is solid for a point guard.

- Needs Work
  • Why does Baron insist on jacking up 3's? He's too good of a passer and slasher to settle for these long distance jumpers. 7 three point attempts a game is too high for a 32.6% career 3pt shooter.
  • Free throws are supposed to be free points

Boom Dizzle Fo Shizzle!
Grade: A-

Troy Murphy
+ He Got Game
  • With 16.5 points per game and nearly 20ppg in his last 5, Troy is becoming a very dependable 3rd offensive option for the Warriors
  • Takin' it to the hole- Troy has improved big time on this part of his game. He's getting to the free throw line almost 6 times a game. A few more trips and T-Double might hit 19 points per game.
  • The Baron-Troy pick and roll. Aside from Derek Fisher, Murphy might have the best set 3 point shot on the team.

- Needs Work
  • Troy is the only Warrior big man who can consistently play more than 5 minutes without fouling 4 times and rebound. It's a little unfair to expect Troy to grab more rebounds since he comes up with double-doubles fairly regularly, but the Warriors need him to pull down 11-13 rebounds a game. He's fully capable.
  • Creating turnovers on the defensive end. 6 foot 11 and half a block a game? 0.6 steals per game? Troy can do better.
Grade: B

Adonal Foyle
+ He Got Game
  • Nice guy.
  • Great hustle.
  • Only 1 turnover a game!
  • The guy's trying.
  • He's managed to sprinkle in double figures in points twice.
  • Did we mention he's a nice guy?

- Needs Work
  • Swats- Adonal is averaging a career worst in blocks per minute.
  • Foul does not equal defense
  • We're still waiting for that 30 point outburst. Actually, we've been waiting over 8 years.
Adonal with the ball? Scary.Grade: D

Mike Dunleavy
He's done a fantastic job this season. His hoops smarts have really shown up in the Win column for his squad. He brings so many intangibles to the game, it's not even funny.

Oh my bad! You wanted a grade for Mike Dunleavy Jr...

You know it's bad when even your Dad can't watch.
The Real Dunleavy's Grade: A+
(it IS the Clippers)

The Other Mike Dunleavy
Before we get to Mike's grade- I refuse to call him Mike Dunleavy Jr. or Junior. No 25 year old, 6 foot 9 inch man playing forward in the NBA should ever let people call them Junior. Also by NBA years, Dunleavy is NOT that young. Would you believe that Troy Murphy is only a few months older than Dunleavy? Would you believe that Jason Richardson is actually younger than Dunleavy? Would you believe that Calbert Cheaney is younger than Mike? (Hahaha, just seeing if you're paying attention) The point is Junior ain't so junior... age wise that is.

+ He Got Game
  • When the Warriors handed Mike Dunleavy the 44 million dollar contract extension, we didn't exactly think it was a good idea (see 44 Reasons why giving Mike Dunleavy 44million wasn't the brightest idea Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV ). Dunleavy's not doing anything to make us look bad. Okay fine- HE doesn't have game, but WE DO.
  • Mike continues to dominate games WITHOUT scoring points, rebounding the ball, passing, or playing any defense. Quite frankly- It's amazing!
  • The Funleavy Foto Fun keeps coming!

- Needs Work
  • Hitting wide open shots (23% from 3pt land? 77% of the time he's gonna miss?)
  • Posting up on players 9 inches shorter than him
  • 2.5 : 1.5 assist to turnover ratio
  • Grabbing more than 4 rebounds in 30 minutes
  • Dunleavy fans (all 2 out there) like to talk about his vastly improved defense. No doubt. They're right. It's gone from horrendous to just horrible. I know, I know-- baby steps... baby steps... (It's not like he's a 4th year player)
  • Not fouling Ben Wallace when there's less than 10 seconds in the game and the Warriors are down by less than 3. (This was so bad, it made CWebb's non-timeout against UNC back in the day look like a genius move.)
  • And last but not least- QUIT FLOPPING. Play some defense Mike... like a 6 foot 9, 230 pound, NBA forward should.
If Mike's running to the bench in this picture, I don't mind the bad defense against Nash.
Grade: F

How would you grade the Warriors starting 5?
Post your grades in the comments section.

Grades for the Warriors bench dropping soon...


At 11:04 AM, Blogger dj fuzzylogic said...

jrich-A, needs to take it to the rack more; looking more and more like VC right after he won those dunk championships.

ditty- A-

Murphy- B+/A-, needs to jack less threes when he's not on.

Foyle- C, i'm not as harsh on foyle as others might be, I feel like he's never gotten a fair chance

Dunleavy- F, no more 'incompletes' for Dun. The grades are in: certified WACK-A-DOCIOUS. Although people say he "doesn't make mistakes" and its not entirely his fault the warriors aren't playing to their potential, but his poor play isn't helping either. Multiple single digit games, terrible defense, and dribbling around the three point arch for 21 seconds than dumping it to Ditty to jack up a three--to me--clearly shows his messin' up too.

and lastly


At 7:35 PM, Blogger LancerEvoV said...

J-Rich - B+ His game is getting better every year. The one major fault I find is that he's un-clutch. He didn't even make a move against the Rockets and got blocked as time expired.

B-Diddy - B+ Shoots too many 3's and his off-the-ball defense is lacking. Too many times I see him standing around with his head turned when his man doesn't have the rock.

Murph - B Shoots too many 3's and his defense is still kinda weak. Not even close to a shot blocking presence.

Foyle - D If he were paid $3 mil a year or less, he'd have a much higher grade.

MDJ - F My theory is that MDJ does have a really high basketball IQ, it's just that he lacks any type of physical skills to make plays. He always trys to do the "right" thing but just can't execute.


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