Monday, December 19, 2005

Stop the Bleeding

Warriors tumbling into losing pattern by Marcus Thompson
The Warriors had better be careful. They are showing traits that could lead to a losing streak.
A couple of lapses here. A little complacency there. Mix in some injuries and road games, and next thing you know, you're flirting with a .500 record.

The Warriors recent losses have really exposed the flaws on this roster. Check back soon for our quarter report card for the Warriors. Until then...

What are your ideas to stop the bleeding and get the Warriors back on track for the playoffs? Post your ideas in the comments. Let's continue the great discussions that Warriors fans always have.

Also, tomorrow we have a little surprise for Warriors Nation. Let's just call him our 6th Man... Don't sleep!


At 1:48 AM, Blogger Some guy said...

Trade Dunleavy for an expiring contract and a second-round draft pick.

I don't think we'd be losing much except the 2-6 shooting/2 rebounds/ 2 assists (on a good night).

This'll give us a bit more reason to play Pietrus. It'd kill our depth at SF, unless JR swings over and Fisher plays SG for a bit.

At 2:28 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Some guy- I'm all for trading Dun, but do you really think some team will give you an expiring contract for him?

At 4:41 PM, Blogger mikej said...

In the last five games or so, we've lost a step on defensive rotations and lost a pass or two on offensive rotations. The moments when we've looked our best have come off of stops and steals, when we continue to run with the best of them.

Rebounding, especially offensive rebounding, continues to plague us. Only Murphy has cleaned up consistently.

Another, less noticed falling-off: Adonal Foyle's OFFENSE contributed to some of the big victories on the way to first place. He hasn't shown anything like that lately, after a couple of games in which he had trouble catching the ball. I wonder if it isn't a matter of confidence, and getting him involved in the offense more.

I want to see more of Diogu. He pushes Foyle and Murphy to do better down low, and he contributes more than his share when he's in there.

Finally, I expect the team to continue its good self-discipline. Last year there was no major finger-pointing when things were going south (0-9 at one point around January, if I remember right...there's a reason we repress such memories!); we need to maintain that and, as the Spurs say, "keep pounding the rock" with an emphasis on defense and rebounding.

At 10:16 PM, Blogger Some guy said...

atma -

Though Dunleavy's contract is looking incredibly bad, the guy still has some perceived "potential". He could make an top-notch 7th man (or 8th) man for a playoff team and maybe be considered "the final piece" for one of these teams. One good game (good by normal standards, not dunleavy standards) and he'll be seen as high potential again.

As for how Mullin actually accomplishes this trade - well just remember, as long as there's an Isiah Thomas around, there will always be a way for GMs to pull off the impossible.


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