Friday, December 16, 2005

Foyle + Dunleavy for Artest? Free Artest!

Who wants to trade for Ron Artest? |
Chris Mullin, who is in charge of the Warriors' personnel, played three seasons for the Pacers and has a strong relationship with Bird and Walsh. He also attended St. John's, like Artest, and knows Artest from the times they crossed paths during offseason workouts on campus.Mullin also knows that players aren't always as bad as their reputations suggest from having played with Latrell Sprewell in Golden State.The Warriors (13-8) appear headed for the playoffs but are in no position to challenge for a championship. A player such as Artest could make a major difference.One Golden State player told the Contra Costa Times he had heard talk of a deal involving Mike Dunleavy and Adonal Foyle for Artest and Jeff Foster.Besides, Artest's self-assigned nickname is 'Tru Warier.' Perhaps he would be a good fit for the Warriors?"
If Mullin and the rest of the Warriors management could pull off a trade for Ron Artest, only giving up Foyle and Dunleavy, we would have to label them with CROOK status. That's a hiest. They would be able to dump 2 horrible long term contracts for two below average players and get back a (when sane) top 20 player in this league to team with Baron, JRich, and Troy. With Fisher and Pietrus off the bench, the Warriors would be a sure fire bet to end the infamous 11 year drought.

There are a plethora of reasons why the Warriors would make this move, but why would the Pacers? Two reasons.

1) The Pacers management and players seem understandably upset with Artest for his trade request to the media. Trading him to New York or a playoff type team would come off like they were rewarding Artest. Trading him to basketball Iberia would show Ron what the Pacers think of him. And guess what? The Warriors are basketball Iberia. We all love them, but let's be honest- the Warriors are still far from being on the national hoops map. Until they reach the playoffs they are still a hoops hell-hole.

2) Another reason the Pacers might make this trade is that Foyle can step in and form "Block City" with Jermaine O'Neal down low. That basket would be well protected. Dunleavy gives them a serviceable player off the bench or a starter to replace Ron Artest. Plugging Mike in at the 3 in the Pacer's starting lineup gives them a player who can dominate the game without scoring, passing, rebounding, or playing defense! (joke)

And yes- I really had to "fabricate the truth" on the 2nd reason why the Pacers would make this trade. A top 20 player for 2 underachieving scrubs (both Foyle and Dunleavy were lottery picks)? Not gonna happen. But if it did...

One thing the media seems to have missed is that Artest is young. He's only 26. Artest has plenty of upside and potential for improvement. For comparison's sake, the Warriors Mike Dunleavy Junior is 25. Ron's game is much more Senior than Mike's and his age still keeps him at the Junior range. It's funny how people talk about Dunleavy as part of the Warriors' young core. If the Warriors got Artest, they would be giving a huge boost to their young core.

It's tough to believe that the Warriors would be able to pull this one off, but if the Pacers are willing to bite Mullin HAS to pull the trigger. Even if Ron leaves in 2 years (which I doubt since it doesn't take too long to fall in love with the Bay Area), the Warriors will hold his Bird rights and control his sign and trade options.

We need this Tru Warier (we'll help him with his spelling when he gets here).


At 4:21 AM, Blogger migya said...

In all honesty, I don't want Artest anywhere near the Warriors!!!! He is a talented player.......yea, but he is the biggest headcase in quite sometime! The Warriors have great chemistry and this prik could f*k it all up! he would also most probably leave when he's a freeagent and cause alot of trouble if he wasn't let go!

Sure Dunleavy is a disgrace (last night he did the usual again) but at least he is not an unstable bafoon.


At 10:55 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

migya not wanting to trade dunleavy at any cost? What is the world coming to? Hahaha.

I don't buy in to the Warriors have great chemistry. They haven't won a playoff series and as they're comprised, they probably never will. Chemistry is overrated. Talent wins games. Chemistry helps talent win games. Crappy talent with great chemistry gets you a bunch of nice guys who lose.

At 5:18 AM, Blogger migya said...

I hear you brother, but Artest seems arrogant, upsetting and unstable and that is not the making of a championship team. The Warriors have a great young core that hasn't shown their true selves this season (No run and gun and no blowout wins). The only odd one out (garbage really) is Dunleavy but the rest of the team fits nicely. I just can't wait for Biedrins, Pietrus and Diogu to develop and mature together and really make the team great. With Artest, Pietrus never gets his chance and the team may never either if that psycho starts trouble, either with violence or verbal or both, with the team and teammates.

Artest is quite talented and that can be a seducing thing but don't ignore the HUGE problems he is and brings.

And oh yea, get rid of Dunleavy, that poof

At 2:19 AM, Blogger RiordanKid said...

The Warriors have proved all season long that they can score. But they lose games due to lack of defense. Having a guy like Artest come in could really boost the strength of the defense and in the end, lead to more wins in the many close games the Warriors have. It seems that almost all year, except for the games with the Spurs and Phoenix, the game was decided on the last play. Artest could really help the Warriors.


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