Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Preview: Warriors vs Suns

The Golden State Warriors (12-6) are hot with 5 straight wins, but tonight they face the even hotter Phoenix Suns (11-5) who have won 7 straight. It's a Pacific division battle with tipoff at 7:30p PST.

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This is the second time the Warriors are playing the Suns this season. In the first game in Phoenix, the Suns put the clamps on the Warriors' offense and had 4 players score 18 or more points. Even without Amare the Suns have managed to put up points. Credit the usual stars Steve Nash and Shawn Marion, but also credit the emergence of Boris Diaw.

It all starts with the Point Guard matchup. Before the season began Fantasy Junkie ranked Baron Davis as the #3 QB in the league, one spot ahead of Steve Nash. I don't think there's too much arguement among Warriors faithful that Boom Dizzle is a top 3 PG. Tonight Boom Dizzle needs to show it by outplaying last season's MVP Steve Nash. If Baron can frustrate Nash by challenging his shots, jamming him before he can find the open man, and making him work big time on the defensive end, the Warriors will say hello to their 6th win.

The Warriors could put out their best defensive effort tonight and see the Suns still walk away with triple digit points. To win this game the Warriors are going to need to score big time. As long as the Dubs don't clank 3's all night, they have the ammo to run and gun with the Suns. It should be a fun high scoring game. Hopefully, Ike can get some minutes and produce some dunks down low to keep the Suns honest in guarding Baron and Jason.

Another key for the Warriors tonight is to control the glass. If T-Double, Foyle, Biendrins, and Ike can outrebound the Suns, they can can stop them from getting transition buckets and easy putbacks. The Warriors backcourt (Baron and Jason) will handle business tonight, but will the Warriors big men? Amare's out, so there really isn't an excuse.

The Warriors have had a soft schedule up until this point and a win tonight will help silence their critics. GO WARRIORS!! Protect that home turf against a Pacific Division foe.


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