Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ike: Just Do It!

Seeing how it's good that Diogu once had 10 fouls in a single game from Mercury
We like Ike. And by ``we,'' I mean those of us who watched the Warriors during the past decade and never found much to like at all. In fact, when we watched the Warriors, they were often unwatchable. But we didn't like it. Now, we like watching, because the Warriors have players like Ike Diogu, the team's first-round draft pick last spring. He is hardly the Warriors' most important player. But he is a symbol of why they are watchable.
Near the end of the article Purdy mentions that Ike Diogu has a new shoe contract with Nike. We luv our kicks at the Hyphy Bloggin' Network (HBN). Let's hope Ike explodes and Nike releases a new line of kicks called "Ikes" [I-keys].



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