Saturday, December 03, 2005

Warriors 107, Bobcats 100

They may be only a 2-year expansion club, but the Bobcats organization deserves a lot of credit for putting together a solid squad. The Bobcats hung in for most of the game, but the Warriors prevailed for a narrow victory.

One of the many NASTY Warrior Throwdowns!

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Adonal Foyle continues to play big. His 12 points-12 rebounds were his second double-double in a row. Whenever the Warriors get double figures from Foyle, you know good things will happen. Against the Kings, Foyle showed off some impressive footwork and post up moves. It was Hakeem-esque! Trust me- go look at the video tape from the Kings game... it was SHOCKINGLY FUN! But tonight Adonal threw it down several times. It's good to see Adonal bolstering his defensive game (5 blocks) with a little offense. His contract is INSANE, but he's a good guy and we hope he continues to show improvement. Let's hope Foyle keeps up the double-doubles, so we can call him A-Double.

The Warriors three of Boom Dizzle, JRich, and T-Double put out another great effort. They combined for 61 points with Baron dropping 14 dimes and Troy collecting 12 Rodmans. A very solid performance by the Warriors top 3 players. When the Warriors start playing real teams next week (Suns and Pistons) they will need this kind of production from BJT to continue picking up W's.

A few times during the game the Warriors missed MP2's spark of the bench when their offense and defense got a little stagnant, but by the end of the game Fisher, Biendrins, and Cheaney stepped up. Let's give the Warriors some serious credit for finding a good role for Derek Fisher. He's a little too trigger happy to be a point guard, so the Warriors play him more with passers Baron Davis and Aaron Miles. This allows Fisher to jack up more set shots which is his calling card. Let's give Monty some credit for playing to Fisher's strengths. We'd like to see more minutes for Ike Diogu (13 minutes) and Chris Taft (DNP), but it's tough to question Monty when the Warriors are winning.

Mr. Consistent Mike Dunleavy- I mean Mr. INconsistent- was "good for" 2 points, 5 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 turnovers, 0 steals, 0 blocks and 4 fouls in 16 minutes of play. A lot of delusional Warriors fans made a big deal about Dunleavy scoring in double digits for 4 straight games prior to this one. Have expectations for Dunleavy sunk that low that we give him props for reaching double digits? He plays about 30 minutes a game. He's not a bench player who comes in for 15-20 minutes. Dunleavy averaged 13.4 ppg last season and we should be happy that he's reaching double figures? Mike's game has definitely regressed this season. Dunleavy has not lived up to that ridiculous 44 million dollar contract, but worse he has not proven that he deserves a starting spot or the heavy minutes he's been getting. The Warriors have some promising players on the bench (MP2, Ike, Taft, Fisher, Miles, Biendrins) who I'm sure would be happy to be playing 30 minutes a game if Dunleavy isn't up for it.

I'm really sick of watching Dunleavy complain to the refs about fouls and pouting on the bench. He doesn't disguise his potty mouth well as the cameras always seem to catch him swearing. It's a bad example for younger Warrior fans to watch. Dunleavy isn't a Gilbert Arenas who steps up their game when they get mad. Instead Dunleavy takes himself out of the game with his anger (mis)management issues. Mike's a veteran on this young team and he needs to control his emotions better.

Last night he threw a stick of rosen off the scorer's table as he walked back to the bench. Fitz and Barnett lauded the refs for not giving Dunleavy a technical, but when Baron spit out his mouthpiece and the refs T-ed him up they didn't criticize the refs. BOTH Mike and Baron deserved Technicals. I just get the feeling that Mike gets an extra long leash from refs, management, and even some fans because his favorite ice cream flavor is "vanilla".

I hope Dunleavy steps up or the Warriors are not going that far. They seem committed to hand Mike 30 minutes a game even if he isn't producing. If he is still playing poorly by All Star break, let's hope the Warriors management and coaching staff is ready to admit that giving him that undeserved contract and minutes was a mistake and move forward. Don't get me wrong- I'm pulling for him to come through. The Warriors have invested way too much in him for him to fail.

During the TV telecast Jim Barnett and Bob Fitzgerald kept giving props to the referees for calling a consistent game. Barnett and Fitz were right on about the refs. They called a pretty good game. The best part was that they let the big men play. They let the big man block shots (Okafor- 6, Foyle- 5) and did not call silly charging fouls. Most of the refs who have called Warriors games this season blew the whistle on dumb charging fouls. There is no reason why when Aaron Miles drives to the bucket a big man should be able to flop and draw a charge. This works both ways. Dunleavy flops at least 2 times a game. It ruins the flow of the game and it was good to see these refs not call dumb charges or ticky-tack blocking fouls. Even with the better officiating, the Warriors managed to foul the Bobcats 34 times giving them 52 free throw attempts. The Warriors have a few days to practice and reflect before Wednesday's matchup with the Suns. Monty- tell the guys that defense does not equal foul. Giving the opposing team 52 trips to the charity stripe usually results in a bunch of L's.

It was good to see former Stanford standout Brevin Knight last night. He has amazing court vision and he's an impact player for the Bobcats. Make sure to check out the article in this morning's Mercury about Brevin (see Ex-Stanford star Knight at home with Charlotte).

Warrior Wonder
Adonal Foyle's 12 points, 12 boards, and 5 highlight blocks excited fans and were the difference tonight. It's good to see Adonal step up and it's even more fun to see him win the award.

A few questions to jumpstart your weekend
Which team currently holds the longest winning streak in the NBA? Which team just matched it's best start since 1991? Which team is first in the Pacific Division? Which team is second in the Western Conference?

The Golden State Warriors? I mean- THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS!!


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