Thursday, December 01, 2005

Check Out This Way

Don't sleep on Daniel's Warriors blog Way of the Warriors. Daniel has a great SF Giants blog Orange and Black Baseball and we're happy to have him join the Warriors blogging circuit.

Make sure to check out his latest article Anybody queasy?
Why am I queasy, you ask? Well, it's because I am now convinced the Warriors are indeed a good team after winning their fourth straight last night, 113-106 over the used-to-be-nemesis Sacramento Kings.

Don't get me wrong -- I could still go my usual pessimistic route, citing that of Golden State's four straight wins, none were against teams over .500, and none of those wins came on the road. I could state that I still see the team having trouble putting teams away, and that the team still has rebounding and shooting percentage issues (shooting percentage issues largely stemming from the team's gratuitous use of the three-point shot).
Show the man some Golden State Warriors BLOG luv and check out his site.


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