Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ike's Impressive

Diogu Is An Impressive Rookie from RealGm
The comparisons to Elton Brand aren’t far off but they’re not dead on either. It’s too early to say if he plays like a certain player. But from what I’ve seen, he reminds me of a combination of Brand, Danny Fortson and Zack Randolph. One might gasp at the Fortson comparison, but Fortson is an undersized power forward who can get to the free-throw line (and make his free-throws), rebound in traffic and impose his size and toughness in the paint. And so far there are no signs that Diogu has any of Fortson’s bad attributes.

Back on June 28th 2005 when the Golden State Warriors BLOG was giving you live coverage of the NBA Draft, I made the comparison between Ike Diogu and former Warrior Danny Fortson (see Holding Down the Fort) and it seemed like some people got a little too upset. Forston is still very unpopular with Warriors Nation, but I always liked the guy. His game was ugly, but he played hard (sometimes dirty) and he was tough. Let's hope Ike gives the Warriors Fortson's good qualities (rebounding + toughness) plus a good jumper, shot blocking, and some post up game. We like Ike.


At 10:14 PM, Blogger jp2 said...

Good call on the Fortson comparison. If he has 1/10 of the rebounding we're blessed.

I like the Randolph comparisons, although he seems 10x smarter. (Not saying much)

At 7:37 AM, Blogger migya said...

Diogu could be the piece that makes the Warriors a championship caliber team, maybe not this season but the next


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