Sunday, November 27, 2005

Recap: Warriors 117, Raptors 91

The Warriors handled business against the Raptors like any playoff bound team should. Through the first 15 games of the season the Dubs are 9-6 , good for the 6th best record in the Western Conference.

Remember what the Spurs did to the Warriors last Wednesday? Well the Warriors did that to the cellar dwellar Raptors last night. Just as how Spurs fans probably didn't think to much of the clinic the Spurs put on the Warriors, let's try to be classy and not dwell on a stomping that should be a given.

BUT- did you see JRich's monster jams? Highlight worthy. The Dunk Champ showed why he's a 2 time winner tonight. His 25 points are cementing his status as a Western Conference All Star this year. Boom Dizzle also impressed with 14 dimes. Troy easily dropped 21 points also.

Warrior 1st round pick Ike Diogu continues to impress in limited minutes. In 21 minutes, Ike dropped an efficient 15 points (6-8 shooting) and 7 boards. Ike adds a new dimension to the Warriors offense with his down low game and aggressiveness. Let's hope Monty gives him more significant minutes in upcoming games, not just the mostly garbage time minutes he saw yesterday.

How bad are the Raptors? Even Mike Dunleavy had a good game. Not that he dominated his starting small forward counterpart, Morris Peterson (21 points on 64% shooting, 8 rebounds, and 1 steal), but Mike had his best game of the season. Sure he padded his stats with a lot of garbage time minutes against a garbage team and clanked his fair share of jumpers, but it's good to see Dunleavy has a pulse. If he routinely came up with 17 points, 7 assists, and 5 boards with good shooting 7-13 (still horrible from long distance shooting 1 for 6 however), we would be pleasantly surprised. Something tells me that even with his poster night tomorrow (seriously, what were the Warriors PR staff thinking?), Dunleavy is going to disapear for another 14 games. Hey- 1 good game out of 15 against a terrible team is worth 44 million isn't it?

Yes, the Raptors are bad, but their fans have a lot to look forward too. Chris Bosh, Charlie Villanueva, and Joey Graham all have bright NBA futures. It will be interesting to track the progression of this team, the next time the Warriors face the Raptors in Toronto a few weeks from now on December 16th.

Warrior Wonder
Boom Dizzle's line looks nice, but not that great at face value if you dwell on the 7 points. But look beyond that and you'll see a baller who made the offense flow smoothly tonight with 14 dimes and only 3 turnovers. It's nice to see Baron only taking 7 shots and dishing the ball out. B Diddy seems to have realized that if he's not on a great shooting streak, he can still dictate the flow of the game with his passing. I don't think anyone minds seeing lines like this from Baron and the W's that should come with them.


At 7:40 AM, Blogger migya said...

Great win! Finally some dominace! Baron sure did well and everyone else fed off of him. Diogu looks like an important piece and he will be a factor for how far the team goes this season and the future, he's a beast!

Dunleavy....... wow he played awesome! Wow! He lit it up on power dunks and fade way threes didn't he......... Maybe now he will make allstar...... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
It is good to see him play decent though. Be good if he did that more often.... NO, hangon, he should be doing that all the time! 44 million dollars why he should be!


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