Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dub's in the Picture

Bill Simmons from Page 2 dropped a countdown of which NBA teams have the best chance of winning the title inThe NBA's Big Picture Show. Here's what he had to say about the Warriors:
14. Golden State
I hate the way these guys play -- they launch bad 3s like a 12-seed in the NCAA Tournament hoping to get lucky against UNC or Duke. Can you really expect to advance in the playoffs taking 25 3s a game? They don't even have a good 3-point shooter other than Derek Fisher -- Baron Davis and Mike Dunleavy Jr. are a combined 34-for-154 right now. That's atrocious. Why play like that when you have a good point guard and so many good athletes? More importantly, how are they 9-6? I'm perplexed. (Speaking of perplexing: Three years ago, I wrote about the time Kevin Ollie signed for $15 million, when I called my buddy House to have him guess how much Ollie signed for, and House just kept throwing out numbers like 'Two million for two years? Two point five for two years?' while I kept saying, 'Nope, higher ... nope, keep going up.' And we were on the phone for about 30 minutes until he nailed the contract number, followed by House passing out on the phone. Well, let's just say that moment was recreated last month after the Warriors signed Dunleavy to a $44 million extension. House's first guess was $19 million off. I'm not kidding.)
Well we're not going to say that we hate the way the Dub's have been playing. They can play better, but after an 11 year drought we like their record and the way they've been playing. BUT, we have to agree about Dunleavy's ridiculous contract. Make sure to check out our controversial 44 Reasons why giving Mike Dunleavy 44million wasn't the brightest idea if you haven't already. There's great replay value for years to come!
Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV


At 7:39 AM, Blogger migya said...

Mike Dunleavy JR makes for such great conversation......... hahahaha

At 9:48 AM, Blogger T said...

I have to read ESPN to get a reality check on the W's. When I watch, I'm biased so I have to agree that we chuck up too many 3's. However, Monty's green light offense has been the key to coming back from behind and gaining important leads (as seen during the Kings game). Mike D's contract? Its a lot but I'd bet there are a some GM's on winning teams needing a versatile guy like that.


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