Sunday, December 04, 2005

3 to Success

Warriors' successcomes in 3s this year
The summation of the Warriors' philosophy in the Baron Davis era has been easy to define: 'Live by the three, die by the three.'
Perhaps it's time to amend that credo to read thusly: 'Live by the three, kill by the three.'
Golden State's reliance, offensively speaking, on the 3-point shot since Davis' arrival has been well-chronicled. The team is on pace to hoist a staggering 2,082 3-pointers this season, which would rank second in NBA history, behind only the 2,155 attempts by the Boston Celtics of 2002-03.
Yet the little-noticed flip side of that coin %u2014 the Warriors' ability to stop the output of opponents' 3-point shooters %u2014 has been equally critical to the team's rise to the top of the Pacific Division.
'It's a statistic that I don't think most people look at, but I guess it's a good thing,' Mike Dunleavy said. 'Three-pointers are what they are: three points.'
Wow! Thanks for the insight Mike.


At 9:32 PM, Blogger mikej said...

Having read the rest of the article--thanks for the link--I'm encouraged. It confirms something I thought I was seeing from the very first game this year: that the team has been rotating and closing out on shooters better than ever. Smart's comments help explain the improvement--guys know their assignments better, when and how to rotate, so running out at a shooter doesn't mean leaving your back uncovered and you can run out full throttle.

This is a HUGE development. We're looking at a team that has simply raised its game from last season to this one, with essentially the same players. Defense wins championships, and the Warriors have the beginnings: a defensive mindset and emphasis, with well-above-average execution. With Diogu, they'll have even greater stopping power on the low block, sooner rather than later.

As for the number of threes we've shot: if you're stepping into the shot, not rushing it, and have a good look, and you're not early in the shot clock--then it's a good shot to take if you're going to get an extra point for it. The problem with some of the three's we've taken has been that they've come too early in the clock. Given our improved ball movement, it pays to wait for that extra pass opportunity to unfold. Aside from that, I don't have a problem with shooting threes on principle. Thirty-three percent on treys adds up the same as fifty percent on twos, and no one complains about shooting fifty percent.

At 10:35 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Great points MikeJ. One issue I have about taking so many 3 point attempts is that they result in a lot of long rebounds. This can get the other team's transition game going and make it harder for the Warriors to play defense. If the other team gets a rebound off a missed layup or midrange shot, they are usually going to have to set up a half court offense- giving the Warriors more time to get back and force tougher shots.

At 12:12 AM, Blogger spreeforfree said...

On shooting too many 3s:
If you shoot 10 for 30, that's equal to 50%, also
many of the misses are long rebounds, if you can get some of those and deduct them from your shot attempts, your percentage goes up.
Check out this link:

At 12:12 AM, Blogger spreeforfree said...

On shooting too many 3s:
If you shoot 10 for 30, that's equal to 50%, also
many of the misses are long rebounds, if you can get some of those and deduct them from your shot attempts, your percentage goes up.
Check out this link:

At 6:26 AM, Blogger migya said...

My problem with shooting too many threes is that firstly, the Warriors have players who are skilled in so many ways and can do so many different things like driving and creating. With Diogu now, the post game is there as well. When shooting alot of threes, the team can get used to that and turn away from doing other things on offense.

Baron and JRich, at least, are the ones who need to frive more and even play abit in the post where they can either score or pass to cutters in the lane. That usually results in layups or getting to the foul line - Much higher percentage shots!

At 9:27 PM, Blogger mikej said...

Good discussion all around here. The long rebounds going the other way was exactly what killed the Warriors in their last encounter with the Suns, a team that will make you Nash your teeth every time you give up a long board and get them started at 200 mph the other way. Spree's point about getting your own long boards back is true; it's just that you can't count on them, because blocking out and getting position doesn't help. Only Rodman, in my experience, could predict the direction of long bounces, and that's mostly because he paid attention to little else.

Baron and JRich absolutely pay off in the post; Baron chewed up some smaller guy, I can't remember which game it was, playing high post and using his strength and patience to dish to two lane slashers, and JRich took some poor Bobcat to the rim after setting up low in the last game. JRich would need practice to improve his passing sense, but he's nothing if not willing to improve his game. Baron, needless to say, already has that skill. Let's get them in there whenever the matchup allows. And let's hope that their free-throw percentage improves to over 70, while we're at it.

At 11:49 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Excellent discussion. Further evidence that Warrior fans are some of the most cerebral fans in the league.

I luv the trifecta. I love shooting it when I play and I luv watching people swish it in.

BUT- the best 3 point play is taking it hard to the rack laying it up/ dunking it and drawing the foul. Sure with the way the Warriors have been shooting free throws they aren't exactly "free", but once you draw 5 fouls your squad is in bonus. Trips to the charity stripe can help you come back in the game if you're down with so many clock stoppages or help you get back into a game since the clock becomes your friend.

Just a few thoughts. The Warriors have the players to take it to the hole, get fouled, and create the most frustration "3 pointers" for opposing teams and coaches. Baron, Jason, MP2, Ike, Fisher, and even Zarko sometimes are all capable.


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