Friday, October 28, 2005

ESPN Power Rankings: Warriors #16

The Warriors dropped from #13 down to #16 possibly as a result of their less than stellar preseason. ESPN's weekly power rankings has this to say about the W's:
Excellent points from my man Bucher. Everyone comparing the Warriors to last season's Suns overlooks the fact that Phoenix had better shooters and more athletic bigs.
Why does it seem like more and more negative comments are coming out as we get closer to the regular season? Bucher is right about the Warriors not having as good of shooters (JRich and Dunleavy vs Q and JJ) and yes the Suns have more athletic bigs (Amare vs Murphy, Foyle, etc). Here's what Bucher's comparison missed though, the Warriors have a better point guard, a PF who can shoot 3's, and a deeper bench.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger dsigns said...

JJ and especially Q Rich are definately overratted 3 point shooters. Everyone shoots a higher percentage when they are wide open, that's why dunleavys percent went up post baron last year. Hopefully more of that this year to prove them wrong.


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