Thursday, October 27, 2005

Miles poised to make his point

Undrafted former Jayhawk prankster vying for final spot on Warriors.

All four of the unsigned rookies have been praised by Montgomery, but none as consistently as Miles, who successfully completed the two tasks a third-string point guard in the NBA absolutely must do above all: keep the ball moving and don't screw things up. In 79 exhibition minutes, Miles has taken just 15 shots (making seven), and has recorded 10 assists against four turnovers, a 2.5 ratio that compares favorably to the 2.6 of starting point guard Baron Davis and handily beats the 1.6 of Derek Fisher, Davis' primary backup.

"He's a good third point guard," Davis said of Miles. "He's a proven leader from what he did in college. He absorbs a lot of things, soaks things up. I feel comfortable every time he's out there on the floor. I'm happy he's on this team."

"All my life, I wanted to hear my name called (at the draft), but I didn't," Miles said. "It actually made me work harder a little bit. I went back into the lab. It motivated me."
I've been impressed with Miles in these preseason games. Let's hope Mullin and co make the right decision and keep him on the squad.


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