Tuesday, October 25, 2005

CBS Sportsline Preview

(Thanks to JPowers for sending us this story.)
"We're woozy, not crazy: Warriors to surpass Sonics, Suns"

Tony Meija writes about the Warriors, Sonics, and Suns and their chances to get to the promised land in his 3 team season preview.
The Golden State Warriors are headed to the playoffs, and the Seattle Supersonics and Phoenix Suns are not.

Anyway, the team with the longest postseason drought of any team in the NBA -- we're talking Bill Clinton's first term in office -- is going to be active in mid-April, while defending divisional champs Phoenix (Pacific) and Seattle (Northwest) will sit and ponder where it all went wrong.

"They play just like us," Marion said of the Warriors after the loss. "The way they closed the year out last year, I'm not taking them for granted at all. They've got a nice little team."

Wonder if Shawn means they play just like last year's team. Don't know about that, considering Phoenix did win 61 games as an established juggernaut. If he's talking this year's version though, he's mistaken.

Golden State is clearly better.


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