Sunday, October 23, 2005

Warriors 95, Sonics 108 RECAP

It's a good thing this game wasn't on TV in the Bay Area. The Warriors didn't look that sharp.


Let's just say there was a lot of this going on last night:
  • First and foremost I have to give it up to the fans in the arena. The house was pretty loud for a meaningless preseason game. The fans booed former Warrior Danny Fortson vociferously. I know most fans love to hate the man, but I kind of liked the guy. His game wasn't pretty, but he was always trying.
  • We've been pretty critical of Mike Dunleavy the past, but honestly the man looked much better last night. Since his rookie season he's often looked lost on the court, scared, or apathetic. The man seemed to care for once (well two if you count the ejection where he ripped his jersey off). He actually hit some open jumpers, although overall he (like the rest of the Warriors) had a poor shooting night (3 for 12). Dunleavy's still a poor defender, but unlike before it seemed like he was trying and hustling out there. Is the man playing for a contract a la Dampier? Maybe, but people do worse things in this world. Hope the man keeps it up (at least till the trading deadline!- just joking).
  • Biedrins had a good rebounding night. Still raw, but you can tell the kid is working hard.
  • Baron's still dropping dimes at a rapid pace.
  • Pietrus looked pretty good. Here comes a debate, but- Pietrus is a better 3 point shooter than Dunleavy.
  • Aaron Miles is looking to pass and get everyone involved every time he's out there.

  • The Warriors' defense for the most part was awful. There is no reason shooters like Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis should get that many open looks and uncontested shots. Monty- the Sonics are a perimeter team. Force them to go inside.
  • Zarko's defense left a lot to be desired. He picked up 5 fouls in 18 minutes of play. He wasn't the victim of any bad calls either.
  • Chris Taft picked up 4 fouls in 13 minutes. Aside from his 1 block, Taft's defense was awful. The man's body language told the fans that he didn't really care to be out there. Forthworth Flyers?
  • The boxscore tells you that Fisher had 4 assists, but don't take that too seriously. Fisher's still jacking up deep shots as soon as he touches the ball. If Baron goes down and Fisher becomes the starting PG, say hello to the lottery.
  • Cheaney played 10 minutes. Monty- why?
  • No Foyle, Murphy, or Ike. It would have been fun to see these guys. It's going to be a long season if these guys aren't healthy. (Never thought I'd say that one!)

Warrior Wonder of the Night
The fans. A few years back a regular season game wouldn't have attracted so many enthusiastic Bay Areans.


At 10:05 PM, Blogger Joe said...

The game seemed slow from the get go. It seemed like the refs decided that calling a foul every 50 seconds or so was the stylin' thing to do.

The game just seemed odd. I mean, no Foyle and no Murphy kind of puts the Warriors in bind because now you're depending on Andris to make defensive rebounds AND make the outlet to get the offense out and running. I was also surpised to see that Pietrus didn't start instead of DFish, leaving DFish to stick Jesus. What was that all about? That just seemed like a better match up. Oh well.

It just didn't seem like a typical Warriors game last night. Although I will admit that as the game went on, the crowd started to remember more and more how much they hated Danny Fortson. By then end of the game, you would have thought that he choked PJ or something.

At 11:12 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Yeah seriously- why did the crowd hate Fortson so much? Sure he was bitter about playing time, but who isn't?

At 4:18 PM, Blogger dsigns said...

First off, I am not a Taft fan so this is not bias.

I watched Taft at the game since I never really seen him play, he didn't look like he didn't care. He actually ran up and down the floor and fought for position whenever he could. Fortson outmuscled him tho so it was tough for him. I think he is still a project, but I didnt see the attitude everyone mentions.

At 4:53 PM, Blogger fantasy junkie said...

Does Taft look out of shape to anyone else? Either his shorts don't fit him right, or he is fat around the waist.

I missed the game, but at the Phx game on wednesday he looked slow and a little lost. i'm sure he'll improve but i don't see him getting time in the regular season with the warriors bigs already set.

At 6:44 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

I'm not a Taft fan or hater. I hope he pans out for the Warriors.

His game left a lot to be desired though.


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