Thursday, October 13, 2005

5 Reasons to UP Dunleavy for the Max

One of the most pressing issues for the Warriors is whether to give Mike Dunleavy a contract extension (see Dunleavy plays it cool and The Dunleavy Dilemma). Should the Warriors bust open the wallet Fisher/Foyle-style for this former #3 overall pick (see Worst #3)? Should the Warriors let the man walk or see what they can get for him on the trading block before the February deadline? One thing's for sure- there is no clear cut answer on what the Warriors should do with Dunleavy. There does not seem to be a general consensus about Dunleavy's value among fans either (see Don't Believe the Hype... cuz I did).

But don't worry. This is what we're here for at the Golden Warriors BLOG. We give you the information that you and the Warriors (see Thanks Chris!) need to make wise decisions. Today we'll drop 5 Reasons to resign Dunleavy to a long-term, lucrative contract with another 5 Reasons to send the man packing (see What Can Brown Do for the Warriors?) to follow in the next few days. Without further ado...

5 Reasons to UP Dunleavy for the Max

1. His court vision is impeccable.

2. He just looks so smart out there on the court.

3. Good things happen when he's on the bench

4. He's got crazy range on his jumper.

5. No question- Mike Dunleavy is the BEST defensive player in the league.

After those 5 extremely convincing reasons to resign Dunleavy, I'm sure it will be next to impossible for anyone to come up with any reasons not to extend him. But don't worry- we're up for it! 5 Reaons to send Dunleavy packing coming soon.

Make sure to drop any other reasons you think the Warriors should resign Dunleavy in the comments section. I think we've exhausted the entire list of reasons to resign him, but we could have missed something. Although, I seriously doubt it.


At 9:38 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

It's been 12 hours since we dropped these reasons and no comments. We've had over a thousand hits today. I guess we really did uncover the exhaustive list of reasons to resign Dunleavy!


At 2:42 AM, Blogger pawnograffiti said...


At 2:45 AM, Blogger pawnograffiti said...


Well for one no one takes you seriously when your gonna bag out on him like that. Sure those images belong alongside Alfred E neuman in Mad Magazine. But to say something stupid like "Good things happen when his on the bench" Is rediculous.

How bout "Better Things happen when his on the court"

And Fool you think the Warriors would think twice about giving him the max. No way. They'll give him Milliones but his no allstar, So don't talk like his getting The Baron or KG Payday '

At 3:14 AM, Blogger Adrian said...

You left out "He's clearly the most handsome warrior."

At 7:00 AM, Blogger warriorhomie said...

pawnograffiti, hey man don't try to be the grammar check police when you are using "his" instead of "he's" in reference to your 2:45am comments. Plus who thinks about the Warriors at 2:45am. At least Dunleavy has a life.

Just be happy the Warriors are competitive. I'm sure they will trade away all the best players they have eventually to be consistent with the past.

At 8:58 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

I still don't see anyone giving legit reasons why the Warriors should resign him. I was sincerely interested in finding out some good reasons. I mean a well written response with some sound reasoning could have won the Wednesday Warriors prize.

Oh well... Let's see what people come up with.

At 5:34 PM, Blogger b said...

Maxing him out is ludicrous! How do you give the guy max money for play termed as "lackluster" and "inconsistent" ?!?! Yeah, he does some nice stuff on the court for someone his size (and it was sweet to see him get mad last year), but so do other role players. Yeah I said it! Role player, whatcha gonna do! (He reminds me of Tony Kukoc for some reason, but Kukocs's actually seen this mythical thing called, "The Playoffs"). We've already dished out tons of cash: Fish has rings, JRich is a cornerstone, Murphy (dunno about that one), and Adonal (c'mon you got to give the guy a contract for actually wanting to stay, plus centers always demand a premium anyways. At least he can play one end of the court!) I'd rather see a legitimate big man (Chris Bosh, Chris Bosh, Chris Bosh). But, hey if the chemistry is there and we get to the playoffs... give everyone on the team whatever they want!


At 9:24 PM, Blogger mikej said...

Dunleavy is certainly a risk. His upside is not as great as Pietrus as an individual player, and he would not be worth the 40-odd million he'll likely get soon unless he maintains his late season form AND improves his defense. However, his contribution at the end of last season indicates his true value as reliably as Pietrus's does: both have question marks based on their character as much as anything, and their character faults relating to basketball happen to come from opposite ends of the personality spectrum, Pietrus's being overconfident of himself and Dunleavy at some level not believing in himself. Either player could drag the team down; either could help elevate the team.

The salient point here is that either could HELP elevate the team. Neither one will serve as the catalyst--that's Baron's role, obviously. And fitting in and helping this newly knitted group stay together is something I trust Dunleavy to do more than I trust Pietrus to do. Pietrus's obvious talent will make him attractive in a trade, and no doubt he'd come back and torch us a few times, and I would wish him well--he's a unique player whom I love to watch. But I'd rather not watch him sulk over minutes and poison the delicate balance of egos that comprises our team like any NBA team. Let's not forget that Baron is as volatile as they come--he all but quit on his previous team when things didn't go his way--and thrives on things WORKING. He's going to be at his best with a team that keys off of him and is happy to do so, not with a team that has to massage the ego of a rising star with an uncertain role. (Along the same line: The upcoming struggle between Diogu and Murphy will be contained for the time being by the wide gap in their experience clearly favoring Murphy--not for long, I predict; Diogu's going to be an outstanding player who will oust Murphy and all other competitors within two years.) Here's the other piece: Dunleavy, I believe, benefits in a complementary way--when there's a stable unit that relies LESS on him and frees him up to contribute economically, with fewer touches and less pressure to create.

So: we're gambling here, and there are no easy answers. Dunleavy at his hitherto-normal mediocre level makes me think of Billy Owens, another mountain of unrealized talent whose arrival cost us Mitch Richmond. He never makes me think of Larry Bird, but I'd pay 40 million for a 3 who shoots 50 percent from the field and 75 from the line all season long, even if he's goofy-looking, gets aced when he gets served, and is slow on D (and yes, Pietrus can be superb on D). Murphy is the more important liability as a soft 4, and Ike Diogu will turn that liability into an asset soon enough. Overall, I believe that the change in the Warriors' roster and fortunes favors Dunleavy as much as any player on the team. I'm wagering on that 50 percent shooting.


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