Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Recap: Warriors 93, Lakers 101


Even though the Warriors lost, they looked great in the opening half. As the Lakers turned to their full court press, the Warriors seemed to get out of sync and slowed down their furious pace. The AP covered the game, you can check out their recap.

Baron looked great in the first quarter as he came out and electrified the court. He was all over the place on defense blocking Odom and stripping another Laker which led to a breakaway dunk. He repeatedly pushed the ball up the floor finding open teammates and putting pressure on the Lakers D. He left the first quarter after 8 minutes and recorded 6 points, 5 assists, 1 steal, and 1 block. He looked in MVP form. After Baron left the game in the first quarter with a 24-8 lead, the reserves proceeded to let the Lakers starters pull back to close the lead to 4. But as soon as Baron came back in, the lead was back into double digits. Baron proved again to be the difference maker and the Warriors are going to have to find someone amongst the reserves who can pick up the slack and produce so that Baron can rest.

The Warriors had difficulty stopping Kobe as he dropped 28 and repeatedly went to the line and jacked up shots. Watching Pietrus guard him was fun though as Mickael was harassing him getting all up in his face and chasing him everywhere. Pietrus though was a little careless and seemed to make too many mental mistakes on offense and defense.

As far as Warriors scoring, Baron had 17 and 7 assists, JRich dropped 14, and Pietrus finished with 13. "I thought we played hard. We got a little fatigued,'' Davis said. ``That's what preseason is for -- just to see where you're at. I'm not disappointed, but at the same time, I know we're going to have to sustain our level of intensity when the season comes." (AP)

The highlight of the night for the Warriors was Baron's fast break in the first quarter. "Davis brought many in the crowd of 7,307 at the Stan Sheriff Center to their feet midway through the second quarter by dribbling behind his back before bouncing the ball off the backboard to set Richardson up for a dunk." (AP) It was a beautiful thing to see as JRich caught the ball one handed over Odom, who was standing just in front of the basket, and flush it.

The Warriors also played good interior defense with Foyle and Murphy defending Kwame and Mihm, while also helping out as the guards penetrated. Murphy looked physically bigger and stronger and it showed as he grabbed plenty of boards. In fact, him grabbing all those boards allowed Foyle, yes Foyle, to run the floor. In the first quarter, Baron threw Foyle a three quarters length pass which Foyle caught under the basket and laid in.

Biedrins was his usual self, committing fouls as if he had an unlimited amount. I think he came into the first quarter at the 4 minute mark and as the first quarter buzzer sounded, he had picked up 3 fouls.

One final note, why does Dunleavy have that mustache? It looks like one of those thin white-trash mustaches. He needs to shave.

Overall the Warriors looked good with Baron in the game, but they need to work on their conditioning and find the spark off the bench when Baron needs to rest.

For those of you who watched the late broadcast, what are your thoughts on the game?


At 11:52 AM, Blogger realitybytes said...

IMO, Kobe will get his points regardless. I saw what the Warriors can be in that first quarter. At the same time, I saw the same issues that continue to haunt them, particularly with Zarko(no D or rebounding), Biedrens(stupid fouls), and Dunleavy(just disappears in games).

I see how Diogu will help, especially with the second unit. They need someone who'll fight for rebounds cuz Biedrens is still raw (foul prone) and Zarko is too soft. BTW, I know Zarko is offensively talented but I would like to see him look for his shot more in the second unit. At times, he seems tentative. About Biedrens...I don't know if Biedrens will be able to stay on the floor at the rate he collects fouls. He is definitely not ready to supplant Foyle as the starting center.

The other issue I have is Fisher running the second unit. I don't know how many times I saw him make a B line straight to the hoop as soon as he received an inbound pass. This started to really piss me off. I hope this doesn't become a trend cuz if he's the only ball handler on the court, the Warriors offense will seriously stall. If that's the case, you need to play him with Baron or Dunleavy to complement his shortcomings.

Other than that. Another year. Same results from Dunleavy. I don't know how he'll be able to justify a big contract for himself. The guy becomes a non-factor on both ends. I hope he gets more minutes in tonight's game. He needs to show more of what he's made of.

At 12:19 PM, Blogger Still Boz Ballin said...

Settling for too many jump shots, something we did waaay too often at the start of last year. We had such a horrible shooting percentage the first half of last year and we can't let teams get long rebounds and get out in the open court.
With that said, we need to become a running team. Baron murders everyone in the open court and that is when Dunleavy is most comfortable also.
I really enjoyed seeing Foyle block Mihm on several occasions in one-on-one settings and all this Biedrins starting talk needs to stop. Adonal is our rock in the middle and he is way more valuable than some people think.
Mostly, I can't wait to see Ike.

At 12:55 PM, Blogger BBallBlog said...

I noticed that about Derek Fisher too. He seemed like whenever he had the ball, he was the only one on the court. And wayyyy too many outside shots at "WTF?!" times.

Other than that, the Warriors looked *good* at moments. That team clearly goes as Baron goes, though. They do need another ball handler.

At 2:39 PM, Blogger MokeskiForThree said...

didn't see the game other than highlights of the Baron-JRICH jam. i hope that happens ever game. this team is truly awesome with Baron on the floor, but have they become too dependent on him. if they're to be a running team, then they are either gonna need to get in better shape or get more production from the 2nd unit while the first unit rests.

i hate losing to the lakers, even in meaningless preseason games. but the first quarter made me overall optimistic, because seriously they looked AWESOME.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Aw yes- another 82 games with Barnett going off about how great Mike Dunleavy is.

Seriously- did you see Dunleavy take that ill-advised 3 feet behind the 3 point for no reason? If it was Pietrus, Barnett would have ripped him.

At 3:13 PM, Blogger Adrian said...

In response to Kobe getting his points- He is a selfish player who cares far too much about his own stats. He will always score a bucketload of points everynight, but the most we frustrate him the more he will score those points in a way that hurts the rest of his team. Keeping him outside and making him take FT's are great, as long as we can keep our guys out of foul trouble. I'd like to see Pietrus matched up on Bryant more next game.

Dunleavey should be coming off the bench with the second unit. This game finally killed off his supposed basketball IQ. That 35 foot 3-point attempt with all kinds of time on the shot clock?

Pietrus can benefit much more from running the floor with Baron, and Dunleavey can contribute much more to a 2nd unit without a real playmaker. Also, on that note, I would like to see Aaron Miles get minutes this year backing up Davis, because our offense really picked up when Monty sat one of our combo guards and let Miles run the floor.

Biggest surprise for me- Foyle was great. He's playing like he was at the end of last season. He usually comes in heavy and out of shape, and this year he's ready to go. He clearly had a huge impact on the game, and wasn't as much of an offensive liability, scoring several times on the fast break.

At 5:20 PM, Blogger gsw-fan said...

Game recap and more can be found in today's blog entry on Tdog's Blog


At 7:54 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

adrian-- good post.

You know as much as I criticize Dunleavy and think Pietrus deserves to be starting over him, MP2 is actually a great 6th man.

It doesn't matter how starts the game. It matters who ends the game.

Crazy idea: Start Zarko and keep Pietrus at the 6th man.

At 8:15 PM, Blogger fantasy junkie said...

realitybytes touched on this earlier, but Zarko looked lost. i know euro guys might be slow, but geez, i think oliver miller would have been faster than this guy. he looked very tentative and soft, even scared of playing. i didn't see many warrior games last year because i was in pittsburgh, but after watching yesterday's game, i don't understand why people are so high on this guy. other than his hair and name, he really doesn't seem that interesting.

adrian brought up an interesting point. the 2nd unit plays so poorly because we don't have a good backup pg to handle the ball and run the offense, what if dunleavy ran the 2nd unit? although i'm not a fan of his decision making and ball handling, some people rave about both of those skills. i'd be interested to see if he could pull it off and give quality minutes at the point while baron gets a breather.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

I didn't watch last night's game past the 1st quarter, but Zarko was a spark last year. Good handles, took it to the whole, good shooting.

Here's the boxscore from last night:

At 10:44 PM, Blogger b said...

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At 10:46 PM, Blogger b said...

Hey anyone have a secure link to the video of the dunk? (Currently in the Pac NW and can only see the Jailblazers on tv -_- )

santa clara

At 11:06 PM, Blogger BBallBlog said...

Ah, you Warriors fans can rejoice! Yahoo! says that the Warriors actually won last night, 33-22.

I even posted photographic evidence. This obviously must be true, right?


At 11:32 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

brian- Def email us the link or post it on these boards if you find it.


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