Monday, October 10, 2005

Foyle: The Face of the Franchise

SF Gate's Janny Hu chronicles the past, present, and future of the longest tenured Warrior Adonal Foyle. Not only is the man down for the cause, but he's worked hard this past offseason.

The Warriors center has developed other ways to answer his naysayers. Like showing up at training camp in the best shape of his career.

According to Golden State, Foyle is carrying around 12 more pounds of muscle than last season -- the biggest gain of any Warrior. He's also lowered his body fat -- by a good percentage.
MT from the Contra Costa Times also dropped a piece on Adonal. Sensing playoffs motivates Foyle

And there was Adonal Foyle, the Warriors' ninth-year center, leading the pack -- outrunning 19-year-old Andris Biedrins, outhustling first-round draft pick Ike Diogu, outworking athletic rookie Deji Akindele.

"Letting them know they ain't got nothing on me," Foyle said through a laugh. "I teach them, but I have to whip them every now and them. They need to know, 'Hey, don't get it twisted. I still got some in the tank.'"
Let's just say the media can't get enough of Foyle. Plus he's a fan favorite!

What kind of numbers do you think Adonal Foyle will put up this season? Over 8 boards and 2 blocks a game? Drop your predictions in the comments section.


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