Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Bay Area Curry

By now, I'm sure all of Warriors Nation has heard that Isiah Thomas and the Knicks swiped Eddy Curry from the Bulls for several "Knick Greats" including Tim Thomas. This comes as a huge suprise to hoops analysts like the Golden State Warriors BLOG's own DJ Fuzzy Logic who theorized that Isiah was aiming for nothing other than assembling an all Thomas lineup. Why else would anyone trade for the overpaid Tim Thomas? Why else would anyone trade Nazr Mohammed to open up time for Kurt Thomas at the 5?

Rumors about the Warriors eying Eddy Curry have persisted for the past year. Word on the NBA street was that the Warriors GM Rod Higgins visited Bulls practices last season to get a closer look at the promising big man. Deals such as the Warriors sending a package including Mike Dunleavy for Eddy Curry and a bad Bulls contract were theorized frequently last season. But in the end, it was Isiah trading away his last Thomas to bring in the potential Top 5 center Eddy Curry. In a few months, Warriors Nation could very well be thinking- "All we had to do was move Dunnuthin' to solidify ourselves as a top 5 team in the West? What were we thinking?"

Anyhow if you haven't noticed, we always give you a fresh perspective on the Warriors here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG. Speaking from the South Asian perspective (and trust me there's a ton of us in the Bay Area), it would have been fun to have a Bay Area sports jersey that read Curry in the back. I guarantee you that City Curry jerseys would fly off the racks of Foot Locker and the warehouses of Faster than most SF's breaking Mike Dunleavy's ankles on a fast break. It would be fun, mouth-watering, and well hot like Indian curries. Every time someone sported a Curry jersey in the Bay, people could shout "Hot like Curry!" The Warriors missed out on a tremendous marketing outreach opportunity to their large South Asian faithful in the Bay.

Think of all the promotional nights. You thought the Retro City Nights were fun? They would have nothing on "Coliseum Curry Nights"! Imagine the tailgate parties. I promise you- there would be nothing but hordes of Brown folk firing up the Tandoor in the Coliseum parking lot. Imagine the food stands- no more Coliseum Burgers or Dogs. We're talking about Coliseum Curry plates and Coliseum Curry wraps.

Featuring... Coliseum Curry Nights!!

Coliseum Curry Nights are probably nothing but a distant fantasy now that Eddy Curry is on the Knicks. So let's look forward to a what should amount to be an exciting season.

But who knows? Maybe in a year or two the Warriors will find a way to draft some dominating 7 foot big man named "Lebron Masala" with the post skills of Tim "Not" Dunkin, the all around game of KG, and the force of Shaq. Hey, it could happen. The Warriors have a penchant for drafting players with uncommon names (i.e. Joe Smith).


At 11:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I doubt that Curry would have helped the Ws that much. He doesn't rebound that well for a big man which the Ws seriously needs help in. Plus, he's prone to disappear in games.

Besides scoring has never been their problem. They need someone who can defend the low post and block shots. If Diogu pans out, he can provide you with low post scoring like Elton Brand.

i would pass on Curry.

At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We need defense, not more offense.

At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

did you even read the article?


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