Wednesday, October 05, 2005

French Fried

A couple articles came out recently about Mickael Pietrus wanting a bigger role this year with the Warriors. I feel he deserves that chance.

"I've been here for now three years and it's time to see the real MP," Pietrus said. "I don't need to start, I need to finish the game. People watch on TV the games, they don't watch the first quarter, they watch the fourth quarter. And when the game is tied and you make (the) big shot?

"Now you'll see who's the real player."

If the words seem alarming, remember that Pietrus has a history of making grandiose statements. Last March, he told a French newspaper that he wanted out of Golden State and characterized his teammates as selfish.

Pietrus later apologized for those comments, but his remarks Monday could still represent the first hint of controversy for the Warriors on the eve of the training camp.

From Mercury
He didn't rip Coach Mike Montgomery (I don't think). He didn't rip Chris Mullin or Chris Cohan. He didn't rip his teammates. He just wants to play more.


So Pietrus' agitation is a symptom of a positive thing: The Warriors are young and deep and have multiple talented players at several crucial spots in the lineup.

But this is also the part that can derail a franchise on the rise; all I need to do is point to the Shaquille O'Neal/Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers pre-Phil Jackson and the talent-laden, powder keg Portland Trail Blazers just about any time.

It takes a good organization to acquire talent, but it takes a great organization and coaching staff to figure out which players fit best together, which should get paid in large bills, and which would be best to send elsewhere.

Pietrus deserves a shot at playing time. He should have been given the same opportunities as Dunleavy but hasn't received those. But he's forcing his way onto the floor after last year's strong finish. He's one of my favorite Warriors, so I hope Monty realizes this guy has the goods to make this team much better.


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really in Pietrus' hands. He has to prove ON THE COURT to Montgomery and the Ws staff that he deserves to play important minutes.

That being said, he should consider himself lucky that he's even in the rotation. So Pietrus...quit yer whining to the media and just play.


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