Wednesday, October 05, 2005

BBallBlog: Warriors Preview

Props to BBallBlog for putting out a solid Warriors preview.

While Chris Mullin made some questionable signings last Summer, the move for Baron immediately grants him immunity from any heavy criticism regarding the big bucks he spent on Derek Fisher & Adonal Foyle (Fisher did end up having one of the best years of his career last season, anyways). Mullin also had a great draft in June, first selecting Ike Diogu with the ninth pick.

Bottom Line:
We don't see how the Warriors don't make the playoffs. Okay, we lied. If Dunleavy keeps playing like he's been in a coma since he left Duke, and Davis (knock on wood) isn't healthy the entire year, their playoff chances diminish. We can't lie sugarcoat it. Other than that, we give the Warriors our blessing to make the NBA's sweet sixteen for the first time since 1994. God, has it REALLY been that long?


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