Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday Warrior Words, 9/28/05

Wow we got a lot of great comments this week. As much as I'd like to put hnk jr's and joe's posts up here for their excellent debate about the sonics chances this year (see " - NBA Power Rankings"), I'm going to stick to a comment about the Warriors (but we love any bball discussion). While we did get a great quote from mike montgomery in "Year 2: Monty Returns" and some more excellent comments from bballblog, this week's winner is: the first anonymous in "Year 2: Monty Returns" post (we wish you put your name or screen name up there so you can get your props). In response to the post about how Monty does not seem confident about the Warriors making the playoffs, anonymous commented:
I followed Stanford's basketball program very closely during Mike Montgomery's tenure as coach. This is simply his style. He always downplayed how good his teams were at Stanford. Every interview he would say, "Oh golly, gosh we're just going to try to be competitive. Everyone other team is so good. We're just going to go out there and give it our darndest."...
You may perceive this as weakness and insecurity, but the truth is simply that he is not a braggard and he doesn't want to say or do anything that will bring any extra pressure on his players. That's how he's conducted himself as a coach for over twenty years. Coaching in the NBA is not going to change that.
Thanks for the insight into Monty's coaching career and demeanor. I questioned his comments as not having any confidence in his team, but your insight into the Stanford program clears up a lot of my doubts. So, your prize for this week is to switch places with Mullin for one day. So, in your 1 day as Warriors GM, what would be the moves you would make to improve the team as the GM?

Thanks again to everyone who left a comment we appreciate all of them. Next week's prize: Win a date with a Warriors cheerleader.


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