Sunday, September 25, 2005 - NBA Power Rankings

InsideHoops released their NBA Power Rankings recently.

The Warriors ranked 17th with the remarks: "As Baron Davis got healthy and hot, so did the entire team. The Warriors are a squad to watch in 2005-06. Also, Ike Diogu is an favorite."

It seems this is a cautious place to put the Warriors, right on the bubble of the playoffs. While they seem excited about the Warriors, like most people they seem to have taken a wait and see approach to ranking them. The teams around the Warriors were:
14. Grizzlies
15. 76ers
16. Twolves
17. GSW
18. Wizards
19. Celtics

I think this is a few spots too low. I don't think either the Grizz, 76ers, or Twolves improved their teams significantly. Although the Grizz and Twolves made many changes, it seems those only kept them at the same level they were at the end of last year. None of the players they acquired were impact players that will help jumpstart either team. That said, the Warriors were a better team than those 3 squads at the end of last year and have only gotten better with the addition of Diogu and a slimmed down Baron. So I think the Warriors should be ranked 14th, right behind the Nets, Bulls, and Sonics. But clearly the Warriors are capable of beating those teams and moving into the top 10.

Where do you think the Warriors should be ranked?


At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i dont know as much about the east, but within the west, i wouldn't be surprised to see the Warriors anywhere frome 5th to 8th next season.

At 8:55 AM, Anonymous Super Dub's said...

1. Spurs
2. Rockets
3. Denver
4. Warriors
5. Suns
6. Mavs
7. Kings
8. Clippers

Thass ma word.

At 5:56 PM, Blogger Dub V.2 said...

I see GSW getting the 8th spot in the West. After the offseason moves that both Minnesota and Memphis made I envision the Warriors sneaking by those two. They have a chance to sneak up on everyone like the Washington Wizz did last year. too bad they'll most likely face San Antonio in the first round if my prediction comes true.

At 5:38 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

I highly disagree with insidehoops' ranking. They rank the Warriors 11-12 in the West and that will not happen unless Baron Davis will be injured almost all season. The 76ers, Grizzlies and even the Sonics should be ranked lower than the Warriors. I also see no reason why the Wolves will be any better than last season and thus rank them lower than the Warriors as well.

Its always difficult to rank the Pistons in the beginning of the regular season. They are the best in the end of season and in playoffs, but as of now I would not rank them in 2nd place. I wouldn't rank them above the Pacers and the Heat. But how interesting will the Eastern conference be with three elite team competing? Cant wait for the season to begin.

At 9:13 AM, Blogger Dub V 1.2 said...

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At 9:16 AM, Blogger Dub V.2 said...


What's wrong with you? How on earth can you have the Warriors ranked above the Sonics? Please explain your logic.

At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Joe said...

Well, for many reasons I rank the Sonics lower than last season.

First of all, the Sonics didn't resign coach McMillan so they will have to start over with another coach.

Second, Ray Allen, Radmanovic and other players aren't on his contract year anymore like last season.

Third, they have lost Antonio Daniels. Although Ridnour was their starting PG Daniels had similar playing time as Ridnour, got more ppg, fewer topg while shooting the ball 44% (Ridnour 40%). Instead they've got Rick Brunson who just isn't not good enough.

Forth, they didn't draft anyone who can play right away.

Fifth, they really lack depth and they will suffer for any injury to any player.

Sixth, they lost Jerome James and if they will not re-sign Reggie Evans who had a great last season they will lack depth in front court because the other big guys (Collison, Petro, Swift, Mikki Moore) draftees just aint good.

Seventh, how is the atmosphere in Seattle coming from an offseason with lots of players in difficult negotiations and loosing a popular coach and a really popular figure in Seattle?

Eighth, it seems like they will not resign Murray and thus dont have any backup for Ray Allen.

Ninth, how will Lewis and Allen cope with having no 3rd scorer on this team?

Tenth, in loosing Murray, James, Evans and Daniels the Sonics
lost 28 ppg. Who will score those points? Will Ray Allen add to his 24 ppg from last season? I highly doubt it.

Eleventh, the Sonics outrebounded their opponents 40 to 37 per game giving them lots of advantage. I seriously doubt they will outrebound their opponents as greatly now as last season. One of the reasons the Sonics won so many games was rebounding. The Sonics had a lousy defense and now they even lousier defense. Their opponents shot 46% fg vs. 44% from the Sonics. I think the Sonics will shoot worse than last season, rebound less, and having weaker defense leading to better % fg from opponents.

There you have it :)

At 3:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

IMO, the Ws do have a chance of going anywhere between the 5 to 8 spot but their margin for error is slim. You can make valid arguments for the remaining teams as well regarding seeding. Unfortunately, the Warriors are in a position where their past history outweighs the last 30 games of the 2004-05 season. Simply, there are too many question marks left that needs to be answered.

That being said, the Ws will still be an exciting team to watch this season. This particular team has a big chip on their shoulder coming in with something to prove. Looking forward to November.

At 4:23 PM, Blogger Dub V.2 said...


1. True they didn't bring nate back, but in Bob Weiss they have someone who will employ the same system, already knows the players, and will ensure continuity.

2. While it's true that Ray Allen is not in a contract year anymore, to call last season a career year would be a stretch. he's been playing at this high a clip since his days with Milwaukee. remember when the went to the eastern Conference Finals? Ray was clutch during that run too. Vlade, meanwhile, having signed a one year tender, is on a contract year.

3. Rick Brunson will help continue what the Sonics started last year. they used AD to groom Ridnour for more minutes. He could have used another year with AD, but in Brunson he's got a hardworking mistake free back up. Brunson has a solid basketball IQ and will be good in a limited role.

4. I'll give you this one. I wasn't very happy with the Sonics draft either.

5. PG Ridnour, Brunson, Cleaves
SG Ray Allen, Flip Murray
SF Rashard Lewis, Vlade, Damien Wilkins
PF Collison, Vlade, Fortson, Evans
C Potato, Mikki Moore, Swift, Johan Petro

Yep, the depth looks fine to me!

6. Jerome James, while a fun character, sadly wasn't that good either. In regards to Swift and Petro, well the jury is still out. Mikki will have his moments, he looked alright for the Clips last year. But Nick Collison? He's good. Not All-Star good, but he can get it done. Did you watch the playoffs last year? He almost had a coming out party on national TV. With a little more respect from the refs, he'll be a'ight.

8. The atmosphere? Fine. The core is still intact, everyone knew at the end of the season that AD wouldn't figure in to the teams long term plans, and the same can be said about Jerome (who got overpaid by Isiah). Losing Mr. Sonic, well, that still stings, but we'll get over it. In fact, Wally and the boys made the right move to give Weiss the job, as a lot of insiders believe he was the brains behind the operation anyways. the only question is whether he'll command McMillan like respect. He will.

9. Radmanovic is back. He's the third option, undisputed. He's also a huge mismatch option that opens things up for those two. Want proof? Look at the player pair stats over at So to answer your question of how will they cope, I'd say they'll be fine, just fine.

10. We haven't lost him yet, and if we do then no big. Flip holds the ball too long, can't pass out of a double team, forces shots, and bogsdown the offense. So, yeah, in short I like him. Either way, though, we'll be fine, as he never saw to much light off of the bench last year anyways.

11. The Sonics, if Reggie stays, will have all their rebounders back. In the case of both Danny and Reggie last years rebounding wasn't a fluke. both have them have been at it for more than a minute. Collison can collect as well, and Mikki Moore isn't too shaby with his 3.3h in offensive boards per 48, so suffice it to say that he'll fill Jerome's shoes (7boards in 26minutes per) just fine. I just don't see much slippage in the rebounding department. The possesions will be their, and with a full year running the offense under his belt look for Luke's shooting to improve.

We'll be fine in those departments. Sonics will end up with anywhere from the 5th-7th seed in the playoffs.

Don't sleep on the Supers Joe, don't do it my friend.

At 5:37 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Thanks for the respond hnk jr.

Obviously I disagree with most of your points.

I still believe the Sonics will have much worse record than last season. Dont know about them reaching playoffs. Depends on other teams.

I got nothing against the Sonics. I really enjoyed them last season. I like coach McMillan and the way Sonics played. I just dont know if they have enough pieces together to continue play that way.

At 1:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jr. and Joe... I enjoy your comments ... u both make this blog fun and interesting !!!


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