Friday, September 23, 2005

NBADraft.Net: Top 10 Rookies - Preseason Edition

NBA dropped their preseason top 10 rookies. Where did Ike rank?
5) PF Ike Diogu - Golden State Warriors

Diogu should be great for the Warriors. Troy Murphy and Adonal Foyle are both very active on the boards but Diogu will bring an added tenacity of the boards that the Warriors' frontline has lacked. Diogu does not need the ball to score and with Baron Davis, Jason Richardson and Mike Dunleavy already entrenched in their positions; he will be welcomed with open arms so they can freely jack up jumpers knowing they have a great offensive rebounder down low. The Warriors finished last season very strong and look for them to pick up where they left off last season with Diogu getting a healthy share of minutes.
He's ranked behind: 1) Chris Paul, 2) Deron Williams, 3) Sarunas Jasikevicius, 4) Rashad McCants.

Some notable omissions from the list: Marvin Williams, Danny Granger, and Hakim Warrick.

1) How can they leave off those guys?
2) Will Ike finish as the 5th best rookie?


At 2:59 PM, Blogger Still Boz Ballin said...

McCants? Above Ike? Dem boys been hittin that pipe a little too often. I can see Paul having a decent year in New Orleans but it's gonna be tough for him to come in and lead the worst team in the west last year. At Wake he had some studs around him and that made it easier for him. Same thing for Deron. Marvin will be a stud in the near future but him and Atlanta are too young this year. Warrick is gonna have to play out of position on a deep Memphis squad so I don't see him having a big year and I think that Indiana is also too deep for Jasik-whatever and Granger to have that big of an impact. Ike was a STEAL with the 9th pick. Mullin pulling off highway robbery once again. I say he might be the most NBA ready player in the draft with the combination of his body type and his hustle. Ike for ROY. Montgomery COY. Pietrus 6th man. Baron MVP. Dunleavy most improved. Playoffs or bust in '06.


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