Thursday, September 22, 2005

Warriors Preview, Kentucky Fried

Check out KFBA.Net's GSW Preview. It's a good article looking at some of the players with a fantasy basketball twist. The article finishes with a "What ever happened to...?", "Breakout Player", and "Keep an Eye On" section.

Last year, Richardson was top dog for most of the season and his KF Average* soared to .881. But that number is a bit deceiving. He was not successful as the primary scorer; the offense stagnated under his leadership, and the Warriors accumulated losses in bunches. After the all-star break, Mullin took advantage of an ugly situation in New Orleans and pried Baron Davis away from the Hornets. Davis turned out be exactly what the Warriors needed. He plopped his big, bouncy frame into one of the team's most gaping holes--point guard--and thrived as the number one option. Liberated from the awful karma George Shinn wrought on the Hornets, Davis delivered some inspired performances. Those last 18 contests included two 15-assist games, as well as 40 and 38-point outings. Moreover, Davis' arrival allowed Richardson to play off the ball, a role for which he's better suited. Richardson's three-point shooting climbed ten points after Davis joined the team. Things started to click for the Warriors, and they rolled off 13 wins in their final 18 games.

Davis returns this year motivated by the team's late-season run and, more importantly, the credit he gets for making Golden State competitive. The Warriors need him, and he needs to be needed. It doesn't hurt that he's on a relevant team again--relevant in that it has a shot at the playoffs. If all goes well he should tease four digits all season. But buyers beware: Davis is always a big risk to breakdown or pout his way into the doghouse.
We all know the top 2 Warrior fantasy players are Baron and JRich. Who's the 3rd best fantasy basketball player on the Warriors? Murphy, Dunleavy, will Pietrus get more minutes, Foyle's blocks and boards, or will it be Ike?


At 9:45 PM, Anonymous Warriors Foe Life said...

Pietrus. Watch for an impressive 16-4-3 and 2 thefts a game


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