Friday, October 21, 2005


Warriors' rotation taking shape by MT

The Warriors' rotation is working itself out nicely.

A year ago, the starting lineup was the furthest thing from Coach Mike Montgomery's mind. He had little time to ponder who was coming off the bench and for how long. This year, the starters are set, and the reserves' roles are becoming more defined.

During the exhibition season, the drop-off from the first team to the second has been clear, and also from the second to the third.

That makes Montgomery's job a lot easier.


At 6:12 PM, Blogger pawnograffiti said...

I got to give a shout to Marcus Thompson. I find his one of the only journo's out at the moment who has faith in Lil'Dun.

And After reading this article i feel Montgomery realizes whilst Pietrus is definately worthy of Starter Status . Montgomery wants to run with guys who can create offense. ( Pietrus is offensively gifted but unfortuneatly he can't create offense for others )


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