Thursday, October 27, 2005

Recap: Warriors 92, Suns 97 + Funleavy Foto Fun

The Warriors wrapped up the preseason with a 2-5 record tonight with their loss to the Amare/ Q/ Joe Johnson-less Suns (see boxscore), but...

at least B-Diddy keeps dropping hits.
You know the Warriors have come up when they're on national TV for a preseason game. Think about that for a second- a PRESEASON game. The national hoops audience hasn't seen the Warriors that much since well... we were all in middle school. So, did the Warriors dissapoint?

Unless you count the Funleavy Foto Fun (i.e. Dunleavy's hillariously BAD defense)...
Earth to Mike- that's Steve Nash, not Shaq coming down the lane.

I'd like to make a joke, but I honestly don't know what you're doing here Mike.

The Warriors didn't look that sharp.

Monty- you're too smart of a coach not to realize to go uptempo. Without Amare, Q, and Joe Johnson the Suns can't keep up. Come to think of it, no one in the league can keep up. Fun and Gun!

MP2 needs more consistent playing time. 16 minutes? Calbert Cheaney played the same amout of minutes. It's going to be a long season if Dunleavy keeps playing 34 minutes and Pietrus only gets half of that. It's only the preseason and Pietrus may be getting over some minor injuries, so we won't judge the minutes distribution yet. It's fine if Pietrus is the 6th man and Dunleavy starts, but MP2 should be finishing games and filling up the boxscore.

The Warriors' defense left a lot to be desired. Zarko and Dunleavy were the biggest culprits. The Z man fouled out in 12 minutes of play. That's a foul every 2 minutes. We're not hack-a-Shaqqing here either. At one point Dunleavy was posted up by one of the Suns' forwards near the elbow. Those of you who watched the game might have missed it, but it was bizzare. Dunleavy randomly ran around in a circle and then returned to guard his man. It's becoming clear how Charmin' Soft the Warriors interior is. Hopefully, it will at least be Kirkland Signature brand toilet paper when Foyle and Ike are healthy.

Back to the Funleavy Foto Fun. Seriously have you guys ever wondered how Mike Dunleavy ends up in so many peculiar poses? It's almost as if the NBA photographers are watching and waiting for him to well, look dumb. It's getting real bizzare Warriors Nation. Funny, but bizzare.

We can't gaurantee you that the Warriors will make the playoffs, but we can gaurantee you that your peoples at the Golden State Warriors BLOG will keep bringing you the most ridiculous Dunleavy photos this side of a "Dunleavy Tea-Bag" (see 5 Reasons to UP Dunleavy for the Max).

Warrior Wonder
JRich probably deserves some props for coming out so aggressive (14 points in the 1st quarter) and ending up with 22 points, 8 rodmans, and 3 thefts. Baron also deserves some credit for 8 dimes in only 26 minutes of play. But honestly, it wouldn't be right if we didn't give tonight's award to the NBA photographers who keep giving us some of the most mystifying Dunleavy pictures. Thank you NBA photo men- without you guys all of us at the Golden State Warriors BLOG wouldn't be able to keep the bad jokes coming... especially the Funleavy Foto Fun.


At 1:27 AM, Blogger MokeskiForThree said...

Wow, this site is pretty harsh on Funleavy. I'm not the biggest fan but I thought he looked great, especially in that third quarter offensively. As for his D, well, no one played good D today.

You can't get outrebounded by an Amare-less Suns team by 18 and you can't lose a game in which Nash turns over 8 times. We gave them way too many threes anad too many offensiv rebounds.

D-Fish should never shoot the ball unless there's 0.4 seconds left in the shot clock. He totally killed our momentum.

Biedrens needs to learn to shoot a free throw or at least learn to NOT get fouled in the act of shooting.

Taft played solid today as well.

Overall, I'm disappointed. I know it's preseason, but I don't ever want the W's to get used to losing ever. They need to start strong in November to build some momentum. A poor first two weeks could really damage this club.

Go W's

At 8:47 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

mokeskiforthree- I didn't mean to come off extra harsh on Dunleavy. I just think that the pictures of him are always so bizarre. You're right, he had a good 3rd quarter offensively. His defense like the whole team's was horrible.

I completely agree with you- Derek Fisher shoots way too much. He is NOT a point guard. Problem is who is the backup point guard on this squad? Aaron Miles?

At 9:37 AM, Blogger MokeskiForThree said...

D-Fish is fine as a backup PG as long as he doesn't take FIFTEEN shots per game!!!! 4-15? 2 assists? Yikes. I hope that's not a trend for the upcoming season. He should look more for 5-7 shots per game and 4-5 assists. He should NEVER shoot unless there is less than 5 seconds left in the clock and there are no options. But he took way too many outside shots with 14 seconds left in the 24. Doesn't he know he's way overpaid?

At 11:28 AM, Blogger the city said...

Pietrus will play 20-25 minutes a night. But he just finished playing for the French National team in Euroleague 2005, which means his legs and the rest of his body is physically worn down. It's not even November. The Warriors staff probably just wants to rest him for now, and eventually work him back in.

At 12:13 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

dave- I hope that's the case with Pietrus. I think we should hold off on too much criticism of Monty's rotation.

I just don't understand why Chaney is getting those minutes. Go small and see what Aaron Miles or Monta Ellis can do.


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