Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Recap: Warriors 107, Sonics 111

Not much to analyze here, just look at the 3rd quarter. The Warriors outplayed the Sonics in quarters 1, 2, and 4, but the 3rd quarter was disastrous, possibly the worst quarter of the season. Before getting into that, let's look at the first half. The Warriors started out blazing hot, scoring 38 in the first quarter and another 24 in the second quarter on better than 50% shooting. Andris Biedrins tore it up. He finished with 16 for the game on 7-10 shooting with 8 boards. He made some nice moves in the paint against the young Sonics frontline. He used both hands to finish moves and didn't get overpowered down there. After I write that article blasting him, he comes out and has the best game of his career. Either it's bad timing or he reads the site and wanted to prove something to me. I think it's the latter of the two.

2 of his 16 points

So, the first half ended with a Rashard Lewis breakaway layup on a ball that Mike Dunleavy gave up on. Lewis hustled to it, and cut the deficit from 8 to 6 giving them a little momentum going into the half. If Dunleavy doesn't give up on it, Lewis doesn't get a breakaway layup and the Warriors stay up 8 and the Sonics don't end on a high note. Then the 3rd quarter came. They were outscored 29-9, shot 2-21 from the field and basically gave the game away. Like I said before, not much to analyze, if they make a couple shots in the 3rd, they win the game. The 14 point deficit heading into the fourth was just too much. They cut the lead to 4 in the closing minutes but never were able to get closer than that. JRich was sorely missed during that 3rd quarter. If he's around they don't shoot 2-21 and put up only 9 points.


Baron using whatever he can to get by Luke.

Warrior Wonder
After talking trash about Andris Biedrins, he came out and had a big first half and so I'll give this to him. Baron had a big game, but we've come to expect that from him. Biedrins had a career best game, so I want to give this to him for probably the one and only time he'll receive this prestigious award.


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