Saturday, January 28, 2006

Recap: Warriors 105, Lakers 106

Sure the Warriors lost, but this isn't a loss I mind. A one point overtime loss on the road without JRich is nothing to be ashamed about. For the most part they played tough. Are they headed to the playoffs? Well that's another story.

"What I have to pass the ball?"

Most of hoops nation had their eyes on their game to see how many points Kobe would drop. Pietrus played some pretty solid defense on Kobe on the first half (5 points) and then Monty used Derek Fisher to guard him for most of the second half (25 points). Yeah don't ask. I'm over simplifying it, but basically Monty doesn't have a clue about shutting down the other team's best offensive threat. Kobe didn't really seem to be trying in this game till the 4th quarter. Maybe the unfair criticism about his 81 point game got to him.

Air France took off!

Mikael Pietrus started in place of the injured JRich and showed some flashes of why many teams in the league are interested in him. Finally getting some minutes (39), MP2 dropped a double-double with 20 points and 10 rebounds. The points are nice, especially the 2 dunks, but what I like most about Pietrus' night was his rebounding. He's a big, athletic wingman. MP2 should be rebounding like this more often. Mikael can do wonders for his offensive game if he wasn't so in love with the three pointer, developed a midrange game, took it to the hole more, and focused on rebounding.

His 1 steal and 1 block hint at the defense he's capable of. With Monty foolishly going with Fisher on Kobe in the second half, Pietrus pretty much shut down Lamar Odom. Odom was going at Dunleavy before he was knocked out of the game with a rolled ankle (keep reading), but looked like a scrub against Pietrus.

Monty- START PIETRUS INSTEAD OF DUNLEAVY. Dunleavy has had every chance in the world and still hasn't shown he deserves to be starting. Pietrus gives the Warriors defense and aggressiveness- something they need to avoid being down by so many points early in games.

T-Double had 15 points and collected 14 boards. His defense has really picked up the past few games. Aside from one perfectly timed block on Odom late in the game, Foyle had a pretty bad night. 4 rebounds in 27 minutes from your starting center is unnaceptable.

Derek Fisher really likes to shoot. No, I mean he really likes to shoot. He took 15 shots, but at least he went to the line 10 times. Have you noticed that every time he plays the Lakers he tries to be like Kobe (more so than usual)? My theory is that Fish wants to play for Phil and the Lakers real bad and he's trying to put on a show for them.

Before he rolled his ankle, Dunleavy looked like he was headed to another bad game. He's usually a pretty solid free throw shooter, but he missed both of his attempts last night. But for the first time, I think I saw why maybe some clueless Warriors fans think he's so smart. I always thought people believed this because a) his dad is a coach (which is dumb since intelligence is not genetic) and b) he's white (which is dumb because race has nothing to do with intelligence). It's because he has a big head.
His head is 3x the size of Smush's!

Dunleavy rolled his ankle in the first half after landing wrong when trying to collect a rebound. If you've ever played hoops, rolling your ankle is pretty painful. It's usually not a serious injury, but one that lingers and isn't fun. On a side note- is Mike Dunleavy Jim Barnett's love child? After Dunleavy landed wrong, he blamed Mike's ankle roll on Andris Biedrins (aka the Human Foul Film) for being out of position. Huh? Look Andris might be pretty uncoordinated (his free throw stroke makes Ben Wallace's look like Ray Allen's), but how is he responsible for Dunleavy's rolled ankle? Just insane.
Baron: "Get this scrub out of here!"

Hate to say this, but the Warriors are a better team without Dunleavy getting 30+ minutes a night. Even Jessica Alba who sat courtside seemed happy to waive Dunleavy goodbye.
Jessica: "Seeya Mike! My post up moves are more fantastic than yours!"

Tough loss, but good effort. Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?! Let's not get into that.

Warrior Wonder
Aside from jacking up an impossible shot at the end of the 4th when he was triple teamed, Boom Dizzle played like a superstar last night. 29 points, 10 dimes, and 3 steals without JRich is incredible. Baron took it to the hole, set up his teammates, and played pretty good defense. Great game.

Boom Deazy even had time to tickle Devean George behind his knee as he drove past him!


At 11:29 AM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

Oh Jessica ... show me the way.

Hey I can't stand this loss!! we were up AGAIN by how many and couldn't hold the lead? Even if JRich was out ... the lakers really didn't play that well and kobe only had 5 points in the first 3 quarters so it was pretty even. to lose this one hurts i think.

but all in all i was proud of our bench. Monte kicks ass, Pietrus should now start, and i liked a couple shots from Ike.

I hate this losing spell!

At 11:44 AM, Blogger b said...

I thought last night was pretty ugly. Yeah we were leading, but was that because we were playing well or was it that Kobe wasn't getting his points early on? I think it was the latter. I do think that we play a little too "And 1" type of ball. We should sign "50" or "Hot Sauce"! I mean I really didn't see too many plays being run. What does Monty do besides give sound bytes after the game? Once Baron got the ball there was quite a bit of standing around watching and then he usually heaved a three or a long two. I thought Fish did well to try and pick up for the lack of JRich. I was actually happy to see Dun leave the game cause he seemed to really bring nothing at all. I did like what I saw from Monta (the announcers were right when they said they wanted to see him attack the hoop a bit more, but I guess that shows that he's trying to play a team game... I guess). Biendrins and Folye played like the back-ups they are. Piety played well I thought. Murph played "ok", there were plenty of Laker offensive rebounds to go around though, but I'm not convinced that it is entirely his fault.

Finally, daaaammmnnn Jessica Alba! I think from now on when the Dubs are on tv and they start losing badly they should just post a picture of the Alba with the announcers in the background. Ahh, forget the announcers... =P

At 12:05 PM, Blogger Kirkkazas said...

I have three observations:

1) When can the Ws get a call? The Lakers shot HOW MANY free throws in the fourth?! The Refs are tough on the Ws at home too.
No respect, man. No respect. I guess maybe they have to earn it cuz they're not getting the calls.

2) Mully has Monty's back unless he starts benching Dunleavy. Remember what Mully did to Musselman when he benched Dun. That's just an observation. What would you do even if Dunleavy isn't playing well? Also, the commentators keep saying that he's been their most consistent player the last two months. I don't think Baron and Dunleavy have good chemistry. Dunleavy needs the ball in his hands more to be effective but Baron and JRich are the stars...especially Baron.

3) Jessica Alba, OMG! Everyone knocked the Fantastic Four but I'd consider buying the dvd just because of Ms Storm! I loved her in Dark Angel too but was cancelled after the storyline got kinda weird in the second season.



At 7:05 PM, Blogger Richard said...

Those are some funny photo comments; (1) on Mike Dunleavy, Jr., "His head is 3x the size of Smush's! - maybe it just looks that way because Smush is a pinhead, and then (2) Baron Davis copping a feel from the back of the defender's leg. All in all, it was an exciting game and a heartbreaker, but right now the Warriors need a league where the game is divided into thirds (three quarters decides the game), they just have a hell of a time finishing. I kind of wonder about the chemistry between Dunleavy and Davis myself, especially after Dunleavy's street ball comment. I am not so down on Dunleavy as I once was, I've stopped baying at the moon and running with the pack on the subject of Mike Dunleavy, Jr. He is enormously talented, passes better than anybody on the team except Baron Davis, Pietrus may be more energetic and spectacular but he is not as skilled or as reliable as the enigmatic and sometimes phlegmatic Dunleavy, the coach's son just has more floor smarts, but maybe too smart for his own good. We fans out here playing armchair generals and coaches just have to sit back and yak about, I think Dunleavy will come out just fine. I think Montgomery should fine Warriors players $1,000 per missed free throw, and maybe Mullin should have put that in their contracts. Monta Ellis is a cool customer he should be welcome on any NBA court for years to come.


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