Friday, January 27, 2006

The Kobe Show Comes To Town

Troy Murphy for first team All-Defensive! Turn around!

He scored 81 points the last time the Lakers played. 81. To put that into perspective, there have been entire teams who don’t score more than 81 in a full game. This past Wednesday the Hornets scored a whopping 68 in a game against the Spurs. Kobe nearly had that in 3 quarters. So what does this have to do with the Warriors? Well he’s playing them tonight. The Lakers aren’t playing the Warriors, Kobe and those other 11 guys are. I’m excited for one thing for this game, how many points will Kobe put up? I want the Warriors to win badly, but I’m also curious to see if Kobe will try to match his 81 or break it. If he scores 35, big deal right? Ho hum, you're averaging 35. I say he drops at a double nickel, 55. With no JRich tomorrow because of his injury, it might be a long night for Mike Dunleavy. Everyone knows that Monty isn’t playing Pietrus, the best perimeter defender we have. If Monty doesn't play MP2 on KB8 and chooses to go with MDJ with no JRich around, I say fire him on the spot. No post game news conference, no thanks for playing. Just a swift kick and tell him to go back to the Farm. Just promote Mario Elie. Knowing Monty, Mike Dunleavy will most likely be guarding Kobe if JRich can’t go. Dunleavy will be in more highlights on Sportscenter than he's been his whole career, it's just that the highlights won't be of his own. It will be Kobe with a turnaround jumper with Dunleavy standing there, Kobe for three with Dunleavy standing there, and then Kobe dunks with Dunleavy in some awkward pose between Kobe's legs. At least there will be some good pictures to put up on the site afterwards.

So go ahead Kobe, entertain me/ us. Shoot away (as long as Odom gets some more assists since he’s on my fantasy squad). If you’re tuning into the game, Kobe is the story, whether you want to see him score a ton of points or get shutdown, he’s the top attraction in this game.

I say he scores 55. How many points do you think he’ll score?


At 9:40 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

If Dunleavy's guarding him 50+.

If MP2 then Kobe is "held" to under 35.

At 10:57 AM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

I hope Kobe goes for a fat 9 points! I would love that.
If Monty had balls he would put Pietrus on Kobe all night, but I bet you JRich is on him and he goes for 39.

At 12:17 PM, Blogger Hash said...

Kobe will score 24 points. You heard it here first.

At 12:30 PM, Blogger Kirkkazas said...

I say Kobe goes off for 101 pts. He makes 31 3's and eight free throws.

(Wilt never had the three's - not that he was ever an outside shooter.)

But I'm just kidding about 101.


At 5:01 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

This is the game I have been waiting for. I have been rotating Mike's "Funleavy Pic's" on my desktop. There is only so many times I can see Ira Newble kick Mike in the face. Heres what I am hoping for:

1) Kobe breaks Mike's ankles. Literally. I want to see Kobe mid dunk while Dunleavy has his foot on backwards

2) Teabags. Normally a straight guy doesn't want to see this, but hopefully it can be taken at the perfect angle that I can see the horror in Mike's eyes as he gets dunked on by 3 balls, only 1 thats official.

3)Mike slipping on a towel. That would be great not matter what game it was

4) Mike going outside after the game to see his car was egged. The look of frustration and the "Not Again!" face will be worth the 10 bucks I spend on eggs tonight.

keep your fingers crossed for me!

At 5:02 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

Oh yah, Kobe drops 46 tonight


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