Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Monty Reaches Into His Bag of Tricks

Finally Monty changes up something in practice as an attempt to get the team to shoot better free throws.

Montgomery's Warriors are 26th out of 30 teams in the NBA in free-throw percentage (71.6). Entering Monday, they were 29th over the past 10 games at 67.4 percent. In 10 of their 23 losses, the Warriors have missed enough free throws to cover the final deficit.

So Montgomery pulled out one of his trusty drills to help the Warriors solve their free-throw-shooting woes. The Warriors normally close practice by splitting up in twos and shooting free throws. But after practice Monday, Montgomery changed things up.

He put everybody on the baseline and called players one by one. Whoever he called had to walk to the line and make two free throws, alone on the court, while the others watched. A miss resulted in sprints for everyone.

I hated this drill in practice, Coach always put the worst free throw shooter on the line and we ended up running. Monty should adjust the drill so that the guys who shoot the most free throws during the game (Baron and JRich) punish the team more for a missed free throw than the 12th man to equal the pressure of being the star player. So if Baron misses, the team runs 2 suicides rather than 1. Actually Monty should change the punishment. So in addition to running suicides, you have to pay each player $100. Or you have to compliment Mike Dunleavy on his skills. Or you have to look at Troy Murphy in the eye and not laugh because he looks like a bum. Or better yet, if you miss a free throw, you have to watch Adonal shoot a bank shot. Noooo! Monty should get creative with this, I think he's onto something.


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