Monday, January 02, 2006

Dunleavy Package for Artest?

Oh, for the good old star wars from
Golden State, the league's poorest defensive team for weeks, still seems like a team in need of Artest's services with Baron Davis and Jason Richardson firing away without regard on three-pointers. Though he is a favorite of general manager Chris Mullin, Mike Dunleavy Jr. remains under verbal assault from Bay Area fans. He finally exploded last week, gesturing to and condemning fans. Mullin may feel forced to go with a defensive stopper like Artest to salvage the season. Dunleavy could be a good fit for the team-oriented Pacers, though they could be reluctant to take on his big contract. The deal likely would be expanded to include Adonal Foyle and perhaps Jeff Foster or Austin Croshere.
Hey, if Dunleavy doesn't want to be here and the Pacers are willing to move Artest for him, I'm pretty sure Warriors Nation would be happy to see him go.


At 6:51 AM, Blogger migya said...

Seems like now it is Pietrus and Murphy for Artest and some other prik! I DON'T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!

At 5:39 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I'm with Migya. Why should we trade our best perimeter defender and our best rebounder for a great perimeter defender who's got a gigantic attitude problem and who's not going to help us with our rebound deficit? Murphy for Artest, okay, I don't like Artest but at least I see we're improving our defense; Murphy and Dunleavy for Artest, okay, we're clearing cap room; but Pietrus, who's undervalued in his current contract, and Murphy, no no no no no.

We're WAY better as a team this year than in any of the previous ten years. Now is not the time to throw away key ingredients in search of some instant solution to our defensive problems. Dunleavy and Murphy are equally slow defending man-to-man, but Murphy's inability to keep people off the box is more of a liability than Dunleavy's inability to stop penetration--lots of guys get crossed in any NBA game, where the defense assumes that people will beat their man at least some of the time one on one.
So if we're looking for one position to shore up defensively, it's power forward. I think the appropriate, patient solution is to work with Diogu's tremendous tools and willpower to strengthen his defense over the course of this season and the next. I like Murphy--he's unique in his combination of rebounding and outside shooting--but Diogu has more to offer long term and costs far less for the near term. Similarly with Pietrus and Dunleavy: I'm one of those who believe that Dunleavy is drastically underperforming here, though I fear more and more that being here presents some kind of psychological barrier that he's not going to overcome, i.e., he'll play better elsewhere. Pietrus, on the hand, has many odd lapses of judgment (going to his left repeatedly despite overplays, failing to see poaching defenders, turning his head on defense, forcing the ball to the rim and committing unnecessary offensive fouls) but also has roughly three times Dunleavy's quickness on defense, plus the determination and drive to shut people down (he seems to take it as a challenge). The long term solution is to develop Pietrus's court sense (Cheaney is a good mentor for the purpose) and make him our 3 instead of our sixth man. He might be ready this year; he might not. He'll be ready soon enough.

We're going to make the playoffs this year, barring a collapse; we're not going to make the finals, barring a miracle. Let's keep the many good things we've got and not go grasping for other people's problems.


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