Saturday, December 31, 2005

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Many opinions on what's wrong with 'D' from Inside Bay Area
Perhaps the biggest thing wrong with the Warriors' defense is the fact that everyone has a different opinion as to what's wrong with the Warriors' defense.
Guard Jason Richardson sees a breakdown of teamwork as the root cause. Assistant coach Keith Smart feels it's a question of alertness. And center Adonal Foyle, resident egghead that he is, fingers the concept of delayed gratification.

There is one thing they all agree on: The Warriors' recent trend of hemorrhaging points like an extra in a horror flick — 110.6 per game during their recent five-game losing streak — needs to be reversed.


At 1:05 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I think JRich, again, is basically right about what's going on with the D, except that I think he's unwilling to bust out teammates for not working as hard as he does on D (and he's right not to bust people out in public--that stuff sinks teams. Ask the Kings and the Lakers about that). Jason, Foyle, Pietrus, and Biedrins work hardest on D. Baron is up and down, Fisher works pretty hard, Dunleavy and Murphy try but are just too slow to do anything less than 100% (they simply get beat unless they can anticipate the play). I agree that paying attention, in the sense of putting first priority and maximum effort on defense, is what's needed.

But--the Dallas game was the BEST!!! Jason and Baron reached way down for the energy to beat defenders to the basket and hit their shots late in the game. They had to make everything, and they did. And the defense sparked it--absolutely. There was no comparison between the effort, shown in quickness to the ball and to the double-team, coming out for the second half, and the effort, shown in the not-quite-good-enough quickness of same, coming out for the first half. Adonal's two blocks late in the fourth made the tying and winning shots possible. He absolutely belongs on the bench, because he's so much more effective as a replacement than as a starter. Overpaid, yes, but valuable, yes too. Until Diogu strengthens his D and Biedrins learns how to avoid fouls, we'll need both Ike and Adonal out there every game.

And finally, one word about Ike: I absolutely loved his response to Dampier's efforts to push him around. He got called for a couple of fouls simply for pushing Dampier back, and you could see by his body language after each call that he couldn't possibly care less if they rang him up; he wasn't going to get pushed off his spot and stay pushed off.

At 7:26 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Mikej- You always drop knowledge. We're going to have to bring back the Wednesday Warriors Words soon. Keep posting!


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