Tuesday, December 27, 2005

W's Keep on Falling

Warriors falling fast, lose fifth game in a row from Mercury
Denver Nuggets guard Earl Boykins, a former Warrior, dribbled the ball on the right wing. He used a crossover move to get to the basket and took his time making the layup.
Boykins, all 5-foot-5, coasting to the rim for a wide-open layup? Something's wrong with that picture.
Yup, there's plenty wrong with that picture.
1) The Warriors are SOFT down low
2) The Warriors should have kept Earl (see Killin' Elephants and They Got Next but ignore my Dampier prediction- haha)


At 9:49 PM, Blogger mikej said...

I think Thompson put his finger on the main issue when he said that the Warriors aren't working the defensive rotations, as well as failing to defend well one-on-one. The one-on-one is less of a problem than the slow and/or misplaced rotations, and those are a solvable problem. It comes down to what Richardson said: forget about offense, focus on defense. People might say, "Yeah, but how are you going to score?" The way we do best: off the break, off of long rebounds from long misses and from turnovers. We could've lost by more than we did against the Nuggets, except that we were unconscious from 3--not something to rely on. Defense requires physical and mental exertion, and that takes a toll on what you can do on offense. You have to accept that toll in exchange for EASIER SHOTS that you can make in your sleep. You know, layups, dunks, tips, foul-line jumpers with space and your weight going towards the basket. The kind of shots you get by having the other guys back on their heels, worn out...from playing offense.

At 11:00 PM, Blogger spreeforfree said...

The Dubs should look at how the good teams in the league win. The Pistons & Spurs play good help defense have inside and outside scoring threats and rebound both boards. They do not rely on the 3 and don't force shots, unless the shot clock is running out.
The Pistons were in the same boat as the Dubs before Dumars took over. Dumars build a team a lot like the Bad Boy Pistons. Mullin
is also building a team
this one like TMC. The problem is TMC although entertaining, never was a serious contender. There is no way Dumars would extend a unproven player like Dunleavy at 44 mil. The problem is you can't be a serious contender in the NBA with not only one but two
slow defensive liablities like Murf & Dun in the starting line-up and on the floor for 35 minutes plus a game. The Dubs were exposed to the League on the last road trip, it doesn't matter how hot they are shooting 3s, just go inside and shoot 3 footers, while they launch 3s.


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