Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Die-hard Warriors fans know no limits

No fans can beat the Warrior fans' loyalty to their team.
They have the strength of giants, they do. They have resisted the acid drip of Latrell Sprewell. Their eyes have not crossed at the nearly endless parade of coaches (seven since the drought began). They have not passed out from fatigue after being asked to cheer for, among others, the forgettable Ryan Lothridge, Paul McPherson and Ray Owes.

And they show up to games, responding to a voice no one else can hear, even after 11 consecutive losing seasons.

When it comes to loyalty, Warriors fans know no limits. Year after year, they refuse to leave while nearly everyone else flees because another Category 5 season is approaching. Warriors fans dip their index finger into the holy sweat accumulated from that 1975 NBA title, cross themselves and wait for another miracle.


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