Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Notes From Around the League

Bruce Jenkins covers some interesting notes from around the league. He covers the Spurs and Heat additions, Kobe and Phil (ugh, enough already), Ron Ron, Nash, and some miscellaneous notes. Here's what he wrote about the W's:
Adonal Foyle has proven to everyone that he's a prince of a man and a shot-blocking presence. No team goes far, however, with Foyle starting at center. ... It's time for Mike Dunleavy to start knocking down those wide-open shots consistently; no shanks, no air-balls. You never saw that from Chris Mullin. Not one day. ... Mickael Pietrus sounded a warning about playing time on the Warriors' "media day," but he should chill. People get hurt; weaknesses get exposed. Unless coach Mike Montgomery holds some type of grudge (not likely), Pietrus will get his chance.

Some more interesting tidbits:
"Shaun Livingston is called "a legitimate starting point guard for 90 percent of the teams" by his coach, Mike Dunleavy, who added, "Shaun delivers the ball better than anybody I've ever seen." Wait a minute. Magic? Stockton? Frazier? Anybody?"

"Knock Stephen A. Smith all you want, but when he sits down with an intriguing NBA star, like Allen Iverson or Shaquille O'Neal, it's the best interview in town. With Smith in charge, we finally get to hear Shaq's laugh, and how he talks when he's not mumbling."

"The kind of thing that gets overlooked as the NBA enforces a dress code, lending the impression that the majority of its players are thugs: The Knicks' Stephon Marbury, weeping at the sight of uprooted families in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, pledged $500,000 to the relief effort."

"Asked how bad it was to play in Philly, Chris Webber replied, "The timeout times 50." Very dumb. Iverson doesn't need to hear that. Then again, Webber's done, and his presence won't mean much."


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