Monday, October 31, 2005

Dunleavy plays it cool during talks

Mr. Cool, aka Mike Dunleavy is awaiting the decision on his contract.

If we get more of these classic
pics, sign him to the max!
A month ago, the forward promised to play it cool as negotiations between his agent and Warriors' vice president Chris Mullin took place. A day before the deadline, he was keeping his word.

Dunleavy stayed well after practice Sunday and looked relaxed during extra shooting drills. He joked about his clean-shaven face and dressing up as Napoleon Dynamite for Halloween. When the subject of his contract status arose, Dunleavy said he was heading in to check his messages.

"He's holding up pretty damn well -- better than J-Rich or I did," forward Troy Murphy said.

Warriors coach Mike Montgomery said he was too new last season to understand the concept of contract talks, but whatever he might have detected in Richardson or Murphy last year doesn't appear to be present with Dunleavy. Montgomery said he has no concerns about his forward's ability or mind-set if talks should fail.

"When you come here, this is about basketball," Montgomery said. "This is about you, this is about your pride, how you want people to view you."


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