Saturday, October 29, 2005

The NBA Source: Western Conf Preview

Where are the Warriors ranked? Check out The NBA Source's Western Conference Preview of the top 8 teams.

The Warriors came in at #7:
The Warriors closed last season on a 15-5 tear including a number of blowouts and wins over elite teams. Chris Mullin did the right thing by not tinkering with a team that seemed to click. Now it's on the shoulders of Mike Montgomery and Baron Davis to ensure that they continue right where they left off...

While the Warriors have depth at every position, an injury to Baron Davis is a frightening thought. There's simply no denying his impact on the Warriors at the end of last season-- he's truly the engine that drives the team. If he goes down, the equilibrium will become off-balanced. And when that happens, well, it might not be pretty...
Read the rest at NBA Source.


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