Monday, October 31, 2005

Dunleavy contract deadline arrives

The Warriors need to make a decision on Mike Dunleavy's contract situation.
The deadline to extend the contracts of fourth-year players is 9 p.m. today.

If Dunleavy has a breakout season, he could command much more loot as a restricted free agent. All it takes is one team to come with a big offer to force the Warriors hand, which is what Atlanta did to Phoenix this summer by offering guard Joe Johnson a maximum contract.

If the Warriors lock him up now, and he turns out to be the player Mullin envisions, they'll have him at a good price. Such is the case with Richardson, whose $70 million deal over six years is a bargain compared with what he would've gotten had he been on the free-agent market this summer.

However, if the Warriors extend Dunleavy now and he doesn't pan out, that will be a lot of money committed to a player who can't help them win -- especially considering his contract could put the Warriors in the luxury tax territory.
Just to note, Tayshaun Prince, who is in a similar situation with the Pistons, recently inked a 5 year deal for $47 million. Dunleavy doesn't deserve Tayshuan dollars because Tayshaun has clearly been the better player. This contract should help Mullin negotiate down Dunleavy's $50 million request closer towards the $40 million that Mullin should give him.


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