Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Dunleavy deal seals team's core

Mikey's signing helps solidify what Mullin believes to be a solid core for the future.
When Mike Dunleavy told Chris Mullin this summer he "absolutely" wanted to remain a Warrior, Mullin said he would make it happen.

That was all Dunleavy needed to hear.

"When he gives you his word on something," Dunleavy said, "It goes."

The deal keeps Dunleavy in Golden State through the 2009-10 season and locks in a core of six Warriors -- including their entire starting rotation -- for the next four years.

"I came to an organization that drafted me very high, and there were a lot of expectations and a lot of players at my position," Dunleavy said. "But, I think, through that, I've persevered and I'm pleased with where I'm at and where this team is headed."

The Warriors believed enough in Dunleavy's all-around game -- and his ability to improve his defense and consistency -- to effectively double his current salary of $4.5 million. A source said Dunleavy's deal, which is for the maximum length allowed under the collective bargaining agreement, does not include any performance-based bonuses.


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