Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Steve Kerr's Power Rankings

Has the Warriors at #17 saying "The Warriors are suddenly a hot ticket in the Bay Area. "

Thanks Steve, that's incredibly insightful. But wait there's more. Check out the rest of his rankings for more 1 liner gems. Here's a taste:
"Spurs #1: They're the champs, so they start at the top."
"Memphis #18: Mike Fratello gets a full season with his squad."
"Minnesota #20: Does Kevin Garnett have enough help?"
"New Orleans #29: How good will Chris Paul be?"

One thing that's really annoying about some of these analysts is that they pose these questions such as the one about Minnesota and New Orleans above with no answer to them. Their job is to analyze the teams, and answer the questions not ask them. That's why we call them analysts, analysts analyze. It's like they're scared to make a prediction and be wrong. Let me give you an example: Instead of writing, "Should Steve Kerr have a job as a tv commentator?" I would write, Steve you don't deserve a job as a commentator. You're one of the most boring ones out there and your insight is poor. See how much more interesting that is? Let's hope Steve gets better so I don't have to turn my TV on mute while he's doing the broadcast.


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