Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wednesday's Warrior Words July 20th

The Wednesday Warrior Words highlight a particular interesting comment or email we received in the past week.

This week's award goes to Paul of The NBA Source crew who sent us the following email:
...over the past season I've become a pretty big Warriors fan. And not like other people, who jumped on the wagon PBD (post Baron Davis). I've had the opportunity to watch a lot of Warriors games and I just have the utmost respect for their fans. I knew they always did well from a ticket-sale standpoint, but I had no idea they were as passionate for the Warriors as they are. It doesn't matter when the game is being played, how far the Warriors are out of Playoff contention, or how sick all the losing has made many of you feel, the Arena is ROCKING come 4th quarter. And it's contagious on television-- unlike a Hawks or Hornets game where you see more open seats than at a Milli Vanilli concert. And I won't even get into how much I like the Warriors as a team (Mickael Pietrus is my f*ckin BOY). So just like all of you guys, I'm anxiously awaiting next season and setting my expectations pretty damn high...
- Paul
Thanks for the props Paul. All of us here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG have been here PBD (pre Baron Davis) and we know many of you in Warriors Nation have stuck with the Golden Dubs through many tough, painful times. It's great to hear that around the league hoop fanatics realize that the Arena in Oakland is straight R-O-C-K-I-N-G the planet like Afrika Bambaataa. Definitely make sure to check out Paul dropping hoop science over at The NBA Source.

Thanks to everyone who has posted a comment or sent an email. From all of us here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG, we would like to extend our thanks for all of your continued support.
Drop a comment on the blog or send any emails to us at Next week, look for your comment or email on the Wednesday Warrior Words!

Track of the Day: Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force "Planet Rock"


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