Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Summer of our (dis)content?

With the excitement and momentum of the draft and the impressive--albeit inconsistent--production of our draft picks in summer league play, you would think that the Warriors would dive into the free agency summer sales, scheming to build upon the pathos of their surging potential heading into the offseason and also their recent acquisitions.

Un|fortunately, the Warriors have yet to be included in any (sign and) trade talks. Garret Wilson, over at the, writes that Warrior latency in free-agent spree leaves much to be desired.

check his article: On the Warpath, Throw me a Bone.

My personal opinion is that the Warriors, specifically Mullin, marinatin' right now is a good idea. This is stream of consciousness talking here, but the market looks a lot like the discount racks at a high-end department stores. Either that, or perhaps its like shopping at an outlet. You're getting last seasons or perhaps several seasons past fashions for maybe a 10-20% discount at most--and most likely it's soemthing that doesn't quite fit or not necessarily something you'd care to rock on the regular. This gear won't make you a hit at the clubs, but just enough to get in with the proper dress code.

What do i mean? I believe that Simmons, Hughes, and Redd are all more than solid players, but i feel like these are players who are 2-3rd options or else still unproven. The type of money their receiving makes heists in Oceans 11 or 12 look like nothing. The counterargument could be that teams are shelling out money to show fans, players, community that they are committing themselves to a particular direction, which is great. In regards to the Warriors, Mullin has gaurunteed tons of $ to several players and they seem to be filled with enough role players or emerging stars that would not warrant any moves. It makes some sense staying pat and seeing how their current squad (sans Dunleavy jr.) works out in the coming season. but im sure others will think otherwise... and probably use some expletives while there at it.


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