Thursday, July 07, 2005

Remember that Summer? argues that an NBA team's short summer can make great of impact on their upcomimg season. The 2002-2003 Warriors whom many of at the Golden State Warriors BLOG hold in high esteem and still remember fondly made the list.


Most Improved Team -- Golden State Warriors: +17 wins (key addition: Eric Musselman).

Under the radar, the Warriors' rookie coach led a young group of future Washington Wizards to 38 wins, only to see the progress halted the next summer when Antawn Jamison was traded for Nick Van Exel, and Gilbert Arenas left without compensation.

Aw the memories- Muss, Jamison, Arenas, Boykins + our current Warriors JRich, Troy, and Dunleavy on the bench (forcing him to earn his minutes which he still to this day has never done since he's managements' great white hope)- they had next. Too bad it wasn't here.


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