Sunday, July 03, 2005

The Golden State Grizzlies?

The Warriors are pretty deep at every position. Not Foyle deep, but Memphis Grizzlies deep:

Project lineup to start the season

PG: Baron Davis/ Derek Fisher/ Monta Ellis
SG: Jason Richardson/ Mickael Pietrus/ Calbert Cheaney
SF: Mike Dunleavy/ Mickael Pietrus/ Zarko Cabarkapa/ Calbert Cheaney
PF: Troy Murphy/ Ike Diogu/ Zarko Cabarkapa/ Chris Taft
C: Adonal Foyle/ Andris Biedrins/ Zarko Cabarkapa/ Chris Taft

Projected lineup by the end of the season
PG: Baron Davis/ Derek Fisher/ Monta Ellis
SG: Jason Richardson/ Derek Fisher/ Calbert Cheaney
SF: Mickael Pietrus/ Zarko Cabarkapa/ Mike Dunleavy/ Calbert Cheaney
PF: Troy Murphy/ Ike Diogu/ Zarko Cabarkapa/ Chris Taft
C: Andris Biedrins/ Adonal Foyle/ Zarko Cabarkapa/ Chris Taft

Depth is a quick 1st round exit (e.g. Grizzlies). Superstars and stars win championships (e.g. Spurs with Duncan, Ginobili, Parker or the Lakers of old with Kobe and Shaq). The only exception in the past 25 years has been the Detroit Pistons claiming the 2004 trophy. What distinguishes the Pistons from the others is their suffocating team defense and ensemble of 2nd tier stars and superstars at every position who believe in defense across the board. If you've watched the Warriors lately, defense is not exactly a priority for anyone not named Mickael Pietrus, Andris Biedrins, or Adonal Foyle on this roster. As constituted right now the Warriors are closest to the Grizzlies with their depth, being 2 deep at every position. Baron and JRich are legitimate stars, but the Warriors don't have the low post presence that the Lakers of old, Spurs, or Pistons had or have. It's going to be nightmare trying to manage these minutes. Last week's draft only complicated the rotation with the Warriors going after more depth, rather than a project or a player who was head and shoulders better than any of the current starters (i.e. Danny Granger sending Mike Dunleavy straight for some "pine-time").

Aside from one of the hottest backcourts in the league in B Diddy and JRich, no Warriors' minutes are guaranteed especially given the log jam of players who are good, but not great. One of the biggest fears the Warriors have to have going into a season where they are making a serious playoff push for the first time in 11 years, is having over 3/4 of the roster bitter about minutes. Adonal Foyle, Andris Biedrins, Zarko Cabarkapa, Ike Diogu, Mike Dunleavy, Troy Murphy, and Mickael Pietrus can all make some valid arguments as to why they should be starting or getting big time minutes. Think less talented collection of Blazers players of a few years back fighting for minutes.

It's time to work some magic with some trades, sign and trades, or free agent splashes this summer, Chris (Mullin) and Rod (Higgins). Don't go into the season with a roster of players all gunning for each other's playing time. Monty will thank you come December.

Make sure to keep coming back for our Warriors Free Agent Blowout Special, dropping soon in a web browser near you...


At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's a load of crap. Getting a superstar doesn't guarantee you anything. If that was the case, Kobe would have been in the playoffs at least.

Cliche as it sounds, Defense does win championships not superstars. The reason people like Jordan, Magic, Duncan, Bird, and Hakeem got rings is because they bought into their system and flourished in it. With exception of Jordan, all their teams had a low post presence. Magic didn't win another ring once Kareem retired and his last championship run was with Sam Perkins. They also understood how important about defense was in the playoffs. So when you combine the two, you get a dynasty.

Detroit is not an exception. Dumars brought in players that would fit in their system and flourish in it. They are no different than any other championship team except that they know that it's a team game and no one person wins a championship alone.

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous learn how to read said...

nowhere in that piece did it say trade everyone for a superstar like kobe bryant. it says keep jason and baron, but reduce the logjam by getting 1 great player instead of a bunch of solid players.

you're right- it's all about defense, but this squad wasn't built to play d. it was built to run and gun and shoot.

and use a screenname if you're going to talk shit.

At 11:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice piece.

solid will only get you so far unless you have chemistry like the pistons and their defense.

At 12:50 PM, Blogger sdshots said...

i was the infamous guy whos post you guys put up last week under that wednesday warriors words or something. anyways i decided to get an account and let you know who i am because this is the first article i read here that you guys actually wrote thats worth commenting about. i needed to give you all props for listening to my complaints about this blog. again its an awesome blog but i was wanting more analysis and content.

i agree that it will be a headache to deal with a deep squad and history has proven that only respectable well known coaching staffs can handle such a situation. i can see you guys like to argue it as much as possible to get rid of dunleavy, but tell me where he would go and for what? dunleavy is an important part of this team but thats another argument.

as for this case, deepness does not always hurt. the grizzlies has proven to be a tough competitive team to beat. if you look at competitive top-tire teams like the pistons, spurs, mavs. there is a case to be argued that deepness only hurts given proper management. look at the spurs, if it wasnt for bench players they probably wouldnt have made it that far. look at the relief that the pistons have in bringing mcdizzle in or even an olympian in arroyo.

my primary point is deepness can lead to success or mediocrity but never failure.

our logjam in the frouncourt is the closest thing we can get to getting something down the paint without getting a superstar and as you know getting a lowpost presence is one of the hardest to come by in the NBA thats why many try to find it in the draft. look at the lakers don't you think it was ridiculous ot get Bynum with so much more talent available on the board. However, they chose to stick with a long-term post player project, passed on granger, green and other hyped players in this year's draft.

the warriors has always had trouble finding some help in the post since webber, so the best thing they can do was look in the draft. in which case, tell me what team will trade their low post star? elton brand would probably be the closest but given the salary situations, how much would you give up for him, in which case we would probably have to restructure the current roster which in terms of how the warriors were doing last half of the season probably isnt wise.

anonymous stated "solid will only get you so far unless you chemistry.."

and i agree chemistry and teamwork has been the essence of championships in the past, the idea that you conform every individual to one ideal goal (to win) and to ignore all the distractions that come with playing for an NBA team ie, egos and self-worth.

At 1:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

sdshots- you're an idiot and your post is pointless.

they should stick with the humor at this blog. humorous commentary is best. face it this team sucks.

At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My cock is throbbing, what should i do?

At 3:23 PM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...


Thanks for your post man. We here at the Golden State Warriors BLOG love our comedic roots, but we get a lot of emails and posts asking for more analysis and articles. So we'll definitely try to drop some- we listen and appreciate everything frequenters to the BLOG have to say.

You have some valid points on the benefits of having a deep squad. One thing that needs to be stressed is that:
Murphy + Ike + Biedrins + Foyle + Taft does not equal KG or Duncan or Amare or even Elton Brand.

Think of it in these terms. Would you make this trade?

Baron Davis for Jason Williams + Earl Watson + Bonzi Wells ?

I doubt it. If it were 3 on 1 you'd do it, but in the game of hoops you only have 5 people playing at once. It's not these 3 players + 4 more versus Baron + 4 more Warriors. This extends to the Warriors depth versus the star and elite PF's.

Guessing from your name, you're from San Diego. A couple of us actually lived in SD for awhile. Man, those Lakers fans have to be the most bandwagaon, unknowledgeable fans in the league! They have the worst basketball IQ! Aside from the select few Warriors fans who think Dunleavy is going to be the next Larry Bird, Warriors Nation boasts the most cerebral fans in the league.

Great to have you on board sdshots. Hope you keep posting.

At 11:37 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

I think we need to start banning some of these posts ... I'm glad i make people feel fuzzy but lets keep that private ... as for sdshot great comments man ... we need more insightful dialogue to keep us on our feet ... as for not liking Dunleavy I am one of them. Maybe I am biased but my fustration lies heavily on his "potential" and "basketball IQ". These are the words I hear everyday while watching the warriors on foxsports. Dunleavy makes a simple pass and it was "the smartest play in the world" ... jason or baron does the same thing and you never hear the commentators say a thing ... I think i would respect Dunleavy more if he became more of a role player then try to be their third option. Or maybe i am contridicting myself because that could be the reason i do not like him. maybe after being drafted 3rd ... all he really became was a great role player?

At 3:22 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bloody hell it's everywhere, and its going all sticky and smelly.

Oh well, may aswell go for another one.

At 10:10 AM, Blogger sdshots said...

concerning dunleavy,

i think that is the biggest problem is people have expectations on him and yes i was upset with him as well beginning of the year, until i realize this guy is not going ot turn out to be an allstar caliber player. he is what is he is. he may turn out slightly better given some more maturity in the a couple years but nothing great.

essentially, dunleavy does many intangibles on the court that you just don't see on the stat sheets. a guy that can play 4 different positions, a point-forward type of player who has good range. i also see his defense getting better, his ability know when to take charges and overall court IQ.

i will say this, he has missed alot of big shots. dunleavy cannot be counted on to hit big shots like he was in college.

in terms of the type it has to be understood that he has shown potential of greatness, the 20 20 game w/ indiana, the 32 point game this year against philly and other teases hes shown.

i think what we saw of dunleavy towards the end of the season is probably what we're gonna be left with. he'll probably average 15pts 5assist and 5rebounds and i see that as the max.

At 10:51 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...


Oh don't worry, we've got something on Dunleavy coming up this summer. Make sure to keep coming back!

At 5:24 PM, Blogger dj fuzzylogic said...

i don't mind the warriors potentially re-signing dunleavy, but does anyone honestly believe he's worth the huge contract i'm sure he'll be demanding--potentially as much as Richardson? cuz you know he's going to get more than foyle...that i think lies some of the problems people have with dunleavy.

sure he's great as a 3rd-4th option and people seem to realize that we've all overestimated his abilities. but do you want to pay mid-range dollars for that level of a player?

At 6:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hellnaw. that fools sucks he's not even the 4th best player on this team

1. Baron
2. JRich
3. Troy
4. Pietrus
5. Fisher
6. Foyle
7. Zarko
8. Ike
9. Dunnuthin

At 8:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop it guys, seriously i can't hold it in any longer!

At 11:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what the writer fails to realize is that chemistry & depth can win over superstars. Look at the laker team that lost to the pistons. Cant get more superstar then Shaq, Kobe & GP. Yet they lost to a team that 1) had great chemistry 2) was deep and of course 3) played great defense. The warriors need to get better defensivly, not get more stars.

At 8:19 PM, Anonymous get a superstar said...

1) had great chemistry 2) was deep and of course 3) played great defense. The warriors need to get better defensivly, not get more stars.

well the warriors big men (as much as i like Foyle, Murphy, and Biendris) don't have any of those 3 with the great backcourt and up and coming wing men.

1) they don't have good chemistry (could change though)
2) they're deep at an average level. the pistons deep were near all stars
3) they're horrible defenders (dunleavy and murphy) to okay change of pace defenders (foyle and biendrins)

look for a disgruntled star F/C like Baron and move some of those average/ below average guys for a star.


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