Sunday, July 03, 2005

Diogu Is Tall Enough!

The SF Chronicle writes about how Mullin believes Ike is tall enough to play the PF position.

"You hear the word 'undersized' and you automatically think, 'Oh, he's too small to play that position,' " former Warriors coach Al Attles said. "But I've been around this league a long time . . . and there are plenty of undersized guys (who have succeeded)."

Ike Diogu, the Warriors No. 1 draft pick, will attempt to become the next. Asked how tall Diogu is without shoes, Warriors vice president Chris Mullin shrugged and rattled off a list of height-inflating devices. Whatever cushioned sneakers, extra socks or orthotics players wear, Mullin said Diogu measures a solid 6-8 on the court.


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