Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Wednesday Warrior Words

The Wednesday Warrior Words highlight a particular interesting comment or email we received in the past week. This week, we have selected a recent email from one of our readers:
Hey There Warriors Blog,
I have to admit I've been a dormant Warriors fan, because it has just been too painful...until the end of this year and a renewed sense of hope! I just found your blog and really like it...keep up the great work, and I'll keep in touch!

As for Abdur-Rahim...I think they should at least have a conversation with him...I'd like to think he would have a good feeling for his (too brief) time at Cal, so may be willing to do a deal. Or, at least, I'd like to think that...I like his character, and he would be a good addition to the team.

For this week's Wednesday Warrior Words, we have selected an email we received last week. We feel you on the struggle to remain a Warriors fan the past 11 years. We've always kept alive hope and as this viewer mentioned, hope came in the form of Baron Davis and the resurgence he led. This year will bring more excitement to the Arena in Oakland than many of the seasons in the past. It's an exciting time for us Warrior fans and we hope Mullin and co. keep up the solid moves.

The email is a good start for us as we take a look into this year's Free Agent pool. Obtaining Shareef will be difficult with the high contract he'll demand and he does not fit in anymore to the future of the Warriors with the recent draft picks. Being Cal Bears fans though, we would certainly welcome him and cheer him on if Mullin were to acquire his talents. As great as Shareef's numbers are, he's never made the playoffs which leads one to be concerned with whether or not he makes those around him better.

Thanks for the email and thanks to everyone who has posted a comment or sent an email. We here at the Warriors blog appreciate any insightful comments or feedback in the form of comments or emails. Send any emails to us at Next week, look for your comment or email on the Wednesday Warrior Words.


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