Monday, January 09, 2006

Ron-Ron Info
It seems that Golden State may be where Ron is headed for several reasons. Chris Mullin has a good relationship with Donnie Walsh, having played for the Pacers before, last year he made a similar deal for Baron Davis and it has paid off, the Warriors need a low post presence such as Ron, and they have young pieces that the Pacers might want. I personally believe that the only thing stopping this deal is that Ike Diogu has not been included. He is just what the Pacers want, a young prospect with huge upside and a rookie contract. If they were to get Mickael Pietrus as well, another young player who plays pretty good defense too, it is my belief that we would see Ronnie in a Warriors jersey. The Pacers do not want Troy Murphy and his big contract for good reason. They do not want to take on more money for one. Also, they already have Austin Croshere. They play basically the same way, but Austin has been with the Pacers since his rookie season and is well liked here. So Indy does not want Troy Murphy, and no one wants the disappointing Mike Dunleavey. I believe that Mike is a very good player who has the skill set to possibly even be an All Star, but he does not use it to his advantage. Until he does, he will stay in Golden State.


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