Friday, January 06, 2006

Baron Boys with Artest

ESPN's Weekend Dime
Baron Davis won't openly lobby for the Warriors to sweeten their Ron Artest offers to Indiana. Input on a potential trade, Davis told me, is 'not something I want.'
'I trust management,' Davis said. 'They brought me here and I appreciate 'em for that, but at the same time I don't want anything to do with [decision-making].'
However ...
Davis also won't be protesting if Chris Mullin can concoct a deal that gets Artest to Oakland soon.
Turns out Davis and Artest are pals.
'I've known him since high school,' Davis said. 'We're actually friends. I know that any team he goes to, he's going to make them a lot better.'
Asked if he fears Artest's impact on locker-room chemistry, Davis laughed.
'I'm not scared of Ron-Ron,' he said. 'I've known him since my junior year of high school. We played AAU ball against each other, we got drafted together [in 1990]. We've got a nice little history.'


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