Saturday, January 07, 2006

Be Classy About Trade Rumors

Bird expects to trade with 1 team from
Larry Bird expects to get better offers for Ron Artest as the Feb. 23 trade deadline approaches...

Bird said he's open to trading for a player at any position. The most likely scenario is obtaining one or two players for Artest, as opposed to a larger deal involving other Pacers. Bird doesn't rule out any possibility.

It's a foregone conclusion that the Pacers will trade Artest. However, the Pacers have managed to keep him dangling on the trade market for a month now. IT'S CLASSLESS. Not to Artest as the Pacers organization has shown him more than enough loyalty, but to the other Pacer players. It's not fair that they have to hear their names (Jeff Foster, Freddie Jones, Austin Croshere) pop up in newspaper articles every day. The Pacers are playing with minus one star for no reason. They have gone 7-6 since Artest has been out. Warriors fans might think that's an okay record, but remember this a team that was trying to make a run at the championship this year.

It's even affecting other teams. Like Charles Barkley said on TNT's halftime the other day when the Warriors got stomped by the undermanned Pacers- the Warriors look like a bunch of young players who are scared of being traded. Seemingly everyone on the Warriors roster not named Baron Davis or Jason Richardson has been mentioned in trade rumors.

Chris Mullin hasn't exactly put out the flames by refusing commenting on the rumors. If the Warriors are trying to pull off a trade, they need to do it before Wednesday's game against the Heat (they have a TOUGH month ahead). If not, then management needs to come out and dispel the rumors. It's tough to focus and play hard in a game when you know at any moment you could be pulled aside and hear "You've been traded." By not putting out the rumors, Warriors management has sent a clear message to its players- "We don't think you're good enough." That's bad for a young team with shaky confidence.

Let's hope the Pacers make the Artest trade soon. It's actually affecting the Warriors.


At 7:30 PM, Blogger Kirkkazas said...

Yeah, I hope Mully pulls the trigger soon. All the suspense is too much! Are there any untouchables in your opinion in an Artest swap? I'd keep Diogu but everyone else is fair game. Love Pietrus but he might be the key if anything goes down.

At 10:37 AM, Blogger atma brother #1 said...

Aside from Baron and Jason everyone should be on the block for Artest. We might all be a little too attached to Ike. I hate to say it, but even he should probably be on the block for Artest. Artest is a top 15 player. He would immediately be the Warriors 2nd option on offense and their best defender by far.

At 6:21 PM, Blogger Hash said...

Agreed. As much as I would miss making pictures with Ike's face, I think we would get more production out of Artest. It wouldn't exactly help our inside game to lose Ike, but he isn't exactly the answer to our inside game woes as it is.

At 11:40 AM, Blogger mikej said...

If the Warriors were contending for the championship and were one piece short of being able to challenge the Spurs and Pistons, I'd say MAYBE trade Ike for Artest; but I'd want an exit strategy.

The Pacers are sick of Artest, and it's hard to be sick of a guy who contributes so much on the floor unless he's a huge problem off the floor, so much so that he negatively impacts the team. (By the way, I agree with the point in an earlier post about the trade rumors negatively impacting other players who are innocently in the line of fire.)

That said...since we are clearly not contending for a championship this year, and since Artest is a short term gain but a huge long term risk, while Diogu is not yet Artest's caliber but already a positive contributor, with a long-term outlook to become one of the better post scorers in the league (note that he's scored against any and every defender, shooting percentage so high you'd think he was getting easy shots all the time)...I say give the W's time to develop what they've got and show confidence in them. They're way farther along than same time last year (remember 0-9 without Richardson?), and our expectations have increased accordingly. I want our management to show the same good judgment they showed in this last draft: fill the holes with solid players (Diogu) and let Baron and Jason lead. That's a set I can see continuing to win for many years. With Artest, we'll have a great run, and then, most likely, it'll all start to fall apart and we'll be in the Pacer's position a year or two from now, watching guys like Mike P. and Ike D. score on us and wishing we had them back.


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